Switch 5.0.0 Firmware is Ultimately Underwhelming

Lots of new features for parents!

News by Matt Kim, .

Surprise! The Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 5.0.0 is now live, and with it some new features have arrived on the Switch. However, the new update doesn't have long-requested features many users thought would arrive on the Switch like folder support, or custom themes. Instead the update mostly features better parental control settings.

The biggest addition with Switch 5.0.0 is an improved friend feature that lets users add friends from their Facebook and Twitter connections. So if a friend or follower on Facebook or Twitter also happen to have a Switch, you can add them through Friend Suggestions. Twitter and Facebook accounts of course need to be linked to your Nintendo account.

Other than that, the main thrust of the update appears to be centered around parental controls, with the Switch 5.0.0 update adding extra security like making Parental Controls PIN private, restricting captured videos, and a parental controls whitelist tied to a Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app. So if you have young children, this is the update for you.

For awhile now, rumors online suggested that the next big Nintendo Switch Firmware update would include popular features like folders to organize games, custom themes beyond the default light and dark theme, and cloud saves for player data. Unfortunately, none of that shipped with this update, so fans will just have to keep holding out for the next "big" firmware update.

Here's a full list of updates arriving with Switch 5.0.0:

  • Facebook and Twitter Friends that also use Nintendo Switch can be added through Friend Suggestions.
  • 24 new ARMS and Kirby series icons.
  • Digital games purchased on PC or smart device will start downloading sooner, even if Switch is sleeping.
  • Filter News will only show unread news, or news from specific channels.
  • Parental Control PINS now input from control stick and buttons instead of on-screen number pad to keep PIN private.
  • Capture videos restricted by Parental Controls
  • Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app can be used to whitelist specific titles.
  • Notifications will alert players when pre-purchased games are ready to download.
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller grip colors now displayed in the Controllers menu.

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