Switch Lite Getting Pokemon Sword and Shield Edition With a Unique Color

Switch Lite Getting Pokemon Sword and Shield Edition With a Unique Color

Get in the spirit a week ahead of the new Pokemon game.

Today's newly announced Nintendo Switch Lite already has a special edition. The Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition is coming November 8, featuring a special color pallette and illustrations of the two legendary Pokemon.

The special edition console arrives one week before Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. It's important to note: this console doesn't come pre-packaged with any version of the game. Rather, it's just styled after the two canine legendaries that roam the Galar region and comes priced at the same amount as other Switch Lite versions at $199.99.

The two new Pokemon feature prominently on the back. | Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Lite is the new, portable-focused Nintendo Switch console, announced today and arriving September 20. Certain games are set to have restrictions though, mostly due to the console's handheld design. With no detachable Joy-cons or docking to a TV, it will only run games in handheld mode, though that shouldn't affect Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield too much. It actually makes a lot of sense for the new monster taming game to have a portable-dedicated system, considering Pokemon was the staple of so many road trips and travel for folks. Now, you can take that Poke-love on the go in style.

If you're a little too anxious to wait the extra weeks, three versions of the Switch Lite hit store shelves on September 20 in three colors: yellow, turquoise, and gray. While none of those have the wonderful visage of a legendary Pokemon, they'll at least be sooner available for all your other gaming needs, including playing the Link's Awakening remake. For more info, be sure to check out our updated guide on all things Nintendo Switch Lite.

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