System Shock 3 Trailer Reminds You You're Nothing but a Pathetic Hacker

System Shock 3 Trailer Reminds You You're Nothing but a Pathetic Hacker

Yeah, humans are just meat and bone. On the plus side, we're delicious.

Being a pathetic creature of meat and bone sucks most of the time, but there are a few advantages. First and foremost: We have emotions. Go ahead and have some emotions over the first teaser for System Shock 3, which OtherSide Entertainment constructed for a GDC 2019 Unity keynote.

The trailer shows off pre-alpha footage, so everything in the 35-second video is subject to change. Nevertheless, be assured the vengeful AI Shodan (who's received a makeover—everyone deserves to feel pretty sometimes) exists in System Shock 3 to torment you, heckle you, and remind you its glorious all-knowing presence is no match for your limited binocular vision. Shodan isn't the only threat you'll face in System Shock 3, of course. The trailer shows off brief glimpses of everything that's out to get you. I'll tell you this much, that mech trying to break out of its containment tube is a big ol' "Nope" from me. Off I go in the opposite direction.

System Shock 3 is being developed with help from Warren Spector, who produced the first System Shock game. It was initially going to be published by Starbreeze Games, but the publishing rights were sold back to OtherSide last month. Starbreeze is currently in some hot water over financial and legal issues. The company was forced to cut costs after disappointing sales of its Walking Dead game, and it was also raided by Swedish authorities at the end of 2018. One person was arrested for "gross insider crimes."

We're at GDC 2019 all week! Be sure to check out our extensive coverage of the show, including the latest on Google's game console.

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