Take a Peek at the First Trailer for The Gamechangers

Take a Peek at the First Trailer for The Gamechangers

Check out this first look at the BBC's fictionalized take on Grand Theft Auto's early '00s controversy.

If you were wrapped up in the world of video games during the earliest years of the 21st Century, you likely remember nothing seemed as immensely popular—or rife with controversy—as the Grand Theft Auto series.

With the latest release selling over 50 million copies, Grand Theft Auto's star isn't likely to fade anytime soon. And a new BBC movie, titled The Gamechangers, seeks to trace the roots of Rockstar back to GTA's early years, when a certain segment of the political sphere felt this crime sim was destined to send the world to Hell in a handbasket.

This short trailer doesn't offer much substance, but the culture war that took place over GTA's violent content definitely makes for some high melodrama. Not to mention the fact that the gaming industry has had few real-life villains as memorable as the buffoonish, opportunistic Jack Thompson, who apparently now stars in anti-Feminist Frequency home videos after being disbarred in 2008. In any case, Rockstar's attempt to prevent the movie from happening could imply it holds some juicy secrets they don't necessarily want released to the public.

The Gamechangers makes its premiere September 15th on BBC2.

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