Take Two Delays a "Highly Anticipated Title" to 2020, Probably Borderlands 3

The stars are aligning and telling us that maybe Borderlands 3 won't happen in 2018.

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Today, at Take Two's quarterly financial briefings the company announced that one "highly-anticipated" 2K title has been pushed back to fiscal 2020. While the title in question is unknown, speculation pegs it as Borderlands 3.

"The highly-anticipated title from one of 2K's biggest franchises, which has been planned for release during the current fiscal year, is now planned for launch during fiscal 2020 to allow for additional development time." Take Two added that the company "remain[s] as excited as ever about this title, and expect it to enhance our results next fiscal year."

Fiscal 2020 for Take Two is April 2019 - March 2020, so this mysterious title is effectively pushed to 2019, or early 2020.

Borderlands 2

The title is from one of 2K's "biggest franchises" and was originally supposed to come out in 2018 or early 2019. We've been hearing about this unannounced title for some time through various Take Two quarterly reports. But even when it was slated for this year, the title remained unannounced.

If we were a betting site, our money would be on Borderlands 3 which still hasn't been announced officially. But a leak yesterday happened when Shacknews reported that a Gearbox representative said there will not be a "Borderlands presence" at this year's E3.

Borderlands 3 was one of the leaked games on Walmart Canada's big pre-E3 2018 leak which accurately predicted Rage 2. But the full veracity of Walmart's leak have yet to be confirmed. Either way, the news of Borderlands 3's E3 absence and today's Take Two confirmation that a big title from an existing franchise is being delayed feels oddly coincidental.

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  • Avatar for CK20XX #1 CK20XX 4 months ago
    Not interested. It isn't just Randy Pitchford; Borderlands has a couple fatal flaws in its mechanics that persist throughout each game. First of all, the game gets worse with each New Game Plus playthrough. No effort is made at game balance; it just amps things up thoughtlessly so even tank characters die in one hit.

    Secondly, the loot system emphasizes practically infinite gun and gear combinations, but the inventory system doesn't support that at all. Imagine if Pokemon only allowed you to possess a dozen of its 800+ creatures at any given time and you'd have an idea of what it's like to play Borderlands. Supposedly inventory space is supposed to be reserved for your best gear, but the game is designed so there's no such thing as "best" gear, only many different kinds of unique and varied gear instead.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #2 NiceGuyNeon 4 months ago
    That's a pretty sizable delay whether it's Borderlands 3 or something else. I did enjoy Borderlands 2 but I never played the other two games and I'm thinking honestly, it doesn't need a fourth game. Granted, I'm an anomaly. I put in close to 100 hours in Borderlands 2 and am still like "yeah, it's good but do I ever need another one?" Like I feel like Borderlands accomplished what it needed to accomplish and that's enough for it.
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #3 Monkey-Tamer 4 months ago
    I hope that means it's getting a lot more polish than the Pre-Sequel and that Gearbox is learning from its mistakes. I love Borderlands 2 despite the flaws, which are now being smoothed out with community made patches. Destiny 2 didn't scratch the itch for me, so I'm still waiting on a loot shooter to replace Borderlands 2.
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