Take-Two Plans to Release 93 Games By March 2025

Take-Two Plans to Release 93 Games By March 2025

That's a lot of games lined up.

Many companies are gearing up for the next generation of console hardware, but it sounds like Take-Two is especially optimistic. During an earnings call today, the publisher laid out its expectations for the next few fiscal years, including a whopping 93 games.

The numbers (via analyst Daniel Ahmad) were broken down into several different categories. Take-Two says 63 of these games will be "core" experiences, while 17 are "mid-core" and 13 are casual.

Whether every single one of these games comes to fruition, that's still a fairly high benchmark for Take-Two. It's a publisher with a number of big developers, including Rockstar, but it's surprising to see a number stated this far out. Including the yearly slate of sports releases, as well as branches like Private Division, there are a lot of games that could be coming from Take-Two Interactive. In the question-and-answer portion of the call, president Karl Slatoff said the schedule would include games from all of the publisher's labels.

The publisher also confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5 has passed 130 million units shipped, an absolutely massive number. It's a testament to how much staying power the open-world crime sandbox has, along with its ability to still crash an online storefront in 2020. (Take-Two noted that the units shipped do not include the recent Epic giveaway.) Also, GTA Online seems like it's a pretty fun place to be right now, if the alien gang wars are still raging on.

It looks like Take-Two is confidently moving forward into a new console generation. The next Grand Theft Auto still remains MIA, but with 93 games on the docket, there's at least a chance.

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