Take Your Nintendo Switch to New Heights with This Super Mario Odyssey Dock

Take Your Nintendo Switch to New Heights with This Super Mario Odyssey Dock

It's a perfect wedding gift.

There is a law in this forsaken land of ours: "Where you'll find game consoles or handhelds, you'll find all kinds of bizarre customization options." The Nintendo Switch, itself a hybrid of a console and a handheld, is no different.

Swing your eyeballs towards Etsy, where artist "Senpai3D" is selling a custom Nintendo Switch dock for the globetrotter in all of us. The dock is modeled after the titular Odyssey from Super Mario Odyssey, and it's even been softened with felt to help you avoid any nasty scrapes, scratches or bumps that might happen when you dock ship. The display pictures also feature a Mario Wedding amiibo where the Odyssey's globe usually rests, but any amiibo is welcome to take up residence on the Odyssey's deck.

"Come in and a-see-a my cat! Woo hoo!"

The dock is 3D printed out of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is used to make LEGO bricks, and if you've ever stepped on one of those studded monsters in the middle of the night, then you already know said plastic is durable enough to withstand a ground zero hit from Tsar Bomba.

Though Senpai3D's store claims it only ships inside the United States, you can send a message to arrange international shipping. Do the Odyssey. You have no excuse.

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