Team Rocket's Leaders Have Arrived in Pokemon Go, And It's Gonna Get Messy

Team Rocket's Leaders Have Arrived in Pokemon Go, And It's Gonna Get Messy

I would walk 500 miles to witness a Pokemon soap opera.

Pokemon Go is heating up just in time for the weather to turn crummy! Team GO Rocket's leaders have arrived, and the "Looming in the Shadows" questline is underway in earnest.

Earlier this morning the official Pokemon Go Twitter account shared a video that outlines the Team GO Rocket's leaders in detail. The video also confirms Team Rocket's Gen One leader Giovanni is pulling the strings. When you log into Pokemon Go, Willow should outline what you need to do in order to stop Team GO Rocket's shenanigans.

Pokemon Go's Team Rocket event has been going on since last summer, and we got our first glimpse of the organization's leaders back at the start of October. Professor Willow's been regularly updating the official Pokemon Go blog with information about Team GO Rocket's leaders as well, and it's kind of fun if you're into silly anime lore. Arlo, the little guy with the cool boots and Elton John glasses, seems to have some kind of burning hatred for Team Valor's leader, Candela. Cliff, despite his imposing looks, is described as "gentle." And Sierra describes the world as "so very cruel," which is interesting because her portion of the new video suggests she has—or had—a family. Drama is afoot!

This scuffle with Team Rocket should keep Pokemon Go players busy for a while, but Niantic has more plans in mind for the popular mobile game. Online matchmaking will finally be available in 2020, and the upcoming Niantic Wayfarer program will let some players curate local PokeStops. There's tons to do and look forward to, so don't forget to visit our Pokemon Go guides.

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