Team Sonic Racing Mod Pods - How to Earn Credits and Open Mod Pods

To get new items in Team Sonic Racing, you’ll need to open Mod Pods. Here’s what you need to know.

Team Sonic Racing allows for a fair bit of kart customization once you’ve unlocked more parts. Doing so is pretty simple as well, as you’ll just need to earn Mod Pods, essentially loot boxes that award a random upgrade when opened. To help you start earning new parts, we’ve put together this Team Sonic Racing Mod Pods Guide. We’ll take a look at how to earn Credits in Team Sonic Racing, and whether or not you can use real money to open Mod Pods.

Team Sonic Racing Mod Pods

Mod Pods can be accessed in the main menu, in the Mod Pods section. You’ll need to spend 10 Credits to open each one, and once you do you’ll be awarded a random item. These items range from kart parts to pre-game bonuses, and there are hundreds to get your paws on.

How to Earn Credits in Team Sonic Racing

You’ll need 10 Credits to open a Mod Pod in Team Sonic Racing, though they’re pretty easy to earn. You’ll earn them by playing the Campaign, with Credits tied to how well you do in each event. The Drift Events are a great way to do this, as they are significantly shorter than the other event types. You can see your Credits total in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and can spend them at any time.

Can You Buy Mod Pods With Real Money?

Upon seeing that Team Sonic Racing had loot boxes, I was pretty worried. Thankfully, you cannot spend real money on Credits to get Mod Pods. This is likely due to the game’s kid-friendly aesthetic, and will no doubt be a relief for all of the parents out there wanting to give the game to their kids.

Can Mod Pods be Opened in Bulk?

The most annoying thing about Mod Pods is that they take a few seconds to open. This is particularly irksome when you have a bunch to open, as you’ll be sat there for minutes at a time earning gear. Unfortunately, they can only be opened one by one, so you’ll just have to sit through it, sorry.

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