Tekken 7 Negan Gameplay Recreates Infamous Scene From The Walking Dead

Tekken 7 Negan Gameplay Recreates Infamous Scene From The Walking Dead

Lucille's hungry.

Tekken 7 released the first gameplay trailer for Negan along with some new gameplay trailers for other characters announced as part of the season two pass. You can watch the trailer below and compare it to Negan's TV appearance.

Bandai Namco turned a lot of heads when it announced that Negan from The Walking Dead would be joining Tekken 7 as a guest character for the season two pass, alongside Anna, Lei, Craig Marduk, Armor King, and Julia Chang.

The first gameplay trailer for Negan leans into the character's television debut, namely the infamous baseball bat scene where he murdered [Spoilers!] Glen with his barbed-wire covered bat, Lucille. It's a pretty gross scene in TV but it's a bit more comical in the Tekken 7 trailer. Probably because it's less bloody. (Trailer via Gamespot)

Anna, Lei, Marduk, and Armor King are available now as part of the Tekken 7 season two pass while Julia and Negan have yet to get release dates. Negan will also get his own stage which is again just the area from the scene in which he executed a member of Rick Grimes' crew via baseball bat.

Check out our Tekken 7 review for more info.

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