Tekken Mobile is Out Now (in Canada)

Tekken Mobile opened pre-registrations in preparation for a global launch.

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Tekken is coming to iOS and Android mobile devices. If you're a Canadian player you can download and play a soft-launch of the game right now. Everyone else can pre-register for the game to download as the game rolls-out to more countries.

Tekken mobile will let players collect over 100 characters complete with their own fighting styles, upgrades, and unlockable special moves. This allows players to change and adapt each fighter's personal style based on their preferences, or opponents.

Tekken Mobile will also feature several gameplay modes including the online versus Dojo Challenge mode, Live Events which will feature rotating daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, and a new Story Mode. In the latter mode, players will be asked to create a team of three fighters to join up with Kazuya Mishima and Nina as they battle an enemy known as the Revenant, a brand new character created for the Tekken mobile game.

Like other Japanese mobile game launches Bandai Namco will unlock in-game rewards as more players sign up for the pre-registration. As more players sign up to download the game (which you can do here), more tiers of rewards will unlock, culminating in the release of a secret character exclusive to the mobile version of Tekken.

Bandai Namco released Tekken 7 for consoles earlier this year, which we said in our review featured some of the best fighting game mechanics in the series, but fell short in the storytelling department. Tekken Mobile probably won't replace any full-fledged version of the game, but if you're a fan of the series it's probably worth checking out.

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