Telling Lies, the New FMV Mystery From the Developer of Her Story, Is Out Next Week

Telling Lies, the New FMV Mystery From the Developer of Her Story, Is Out Next Week

Take another dive into the lives of others.

The new full-motion video mystery from the creator of Her Story is arriving very soon. Telling Lies hits PC, Mac, and iOS on August 23.

Developed by Sam Barlow, known for Her Story as well as his work on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Telling Lies is another FMV mystery about snooping into the lives of others. But where his previous work focused the lens on one dispute, Telling Lies looks to bounce around the world of four different characters.

How and where their lives intertwine is up to you to figure out, as you can use the in-game search tool to search for more clips via keywords. The story starts with a woman leaping from a car and running into her apartment to plug in a hard drive, with video data the NSA has recorded from the lives of four people.

Why is the NSA watching them? What makes them so important, when you're scanning and scrubbing through the mundanity of normal life? That's the trick; in our interview with Barlow, he stressed the importance of reading the scene and the weight of what's not being said.

"Like with Her Story, you're able to infer from rhetorical devices and what's been said, kind of the crux of the conversation," Barlow says. "But you're also scrutinizing their face to pick up on the subtext, like how do they feel about what's being said, and then that fires your imagination of what's going on on the other side of the call. Then you'll play the fun game of then trying to get to the other side of the call."

It sounds like a good time and a massive undertaking to record so much footage for players to parse through. We'll get to see how it all comes together next Friday, when it comes to PC via Steam and the App Store.

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