Temtem: All Status Conditions and Effects Listed

Temtem: All Status Conditions and Effects Listed

We take you through a list of every condition that can affect your Temtem squad in battle, and what they'll do to help and hinder you.

One of the biggest elements in any Temtem battle is dealing out and dealing with Status Conditions, temporary buffs and penalties to your Temtem that can change the course of a fight. We'll take you through them all here, and what impact they'll have.

Status Conditions in Temtem

To be more specific, status conditions are effects on your Temtem that give some change to stats, perform damage over time, or remove certain options from combat temporarily. Temtem can have up to two status conditions on them at any time, and such conditions are usually the result of certain techniques that either inflict conditions as their main effect, or do so as a secondary effect along with doing damage.

It's also important to remember that conditions aren't always necessarily bad, though a lot of them are. Some grant bonuses and stat increases to the Temtem in question, and also use up one of the two condition spaces, lessening the enemy's ability to put negative conditions on them.

Temtem Full Status Conditions List

There are 14 different conditions in total, three or four of which could arguably be considered good. We'll run through them below in alphabetical order.


Temtem that are asleep can't perform any techniques or actions, but wake up the moment they take any damage. Mental-type Temtem can't be put to sleep.


Burnt Temtem lose 1/16th of its maximum health every turn and have both their attack and special attack reduced by 30% while afflicted. Fire Temtem are immune to being burnt. Being burnt also removes the cold and frozen conditions instantly, as well as vice versa.


Cold itself has no impact on a Temtem. However, if a Temtem is hit with the cold condition twice, they suffer the frozen condition. Cold can also remove the burnt condition, and vice versa.


The doom condition comes with a counter that drops by one every turn. Once the counter reaches zero, the Temtem falls unconscious.

Conditions encountered the first time give you the option to see a little tutorial explaining them. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle


Exhausted Temtem use an extra 50% stamina when performing attacks and techniques.


The frozen condition occurs when a Temtem is hit twice with the Cold condition. Frozen Temtem cannot attack, but can rest. Frozen can also remove the burnt condition, and vice versa.


Temtem with the immune condition cannot be afflicted with any new status conditions.


Neutralized Temtem have their weaknesses and resistances temporarily removed, removing any kind of type advantage or disadvantage against them. This can be good or bad depending on circumstances.


Poisoned Temtem lose ⅛ of their maximum health every turn. Toxic-type Temtem are immune to being poisoned.


Regenerated Temtem recover 1/10 of their maximum health every turn.


Seized Temtem cannot use and gain no effects from whatever item they're holding, if any.


Trapped Temtem cannot be swapped out for any other Temtem in your squad.


Finally, vigorized Temtem use up 50% less stamina when performing attacks and techniques, the opposite of being exhausted.

Certain moves - like Narcoleptic Hit - can inflict status effects on the user, as a way of compensating for an extremely powerful move. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

That's our full list of Temtem Conditions. If you want to know more about the game, we can show you how to beat Mokupuni Dojo Leader Rawiri right here, or head to this page to see how you can cheese any fight you come across.

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