Temtem: How to Beat the Boss Fight with Max at Uhuru

Temtem: How to Beat the Boss Fight with Max at Uhuru

The Battle of Uhuru pushed you to have another boss fight with your rival, Max. We'll show you how to beat him and his Temtem team here.

You'll encounter your rival Max yet again in Temtem at Uhuru, forced to fight him to help open the gates and let the resistance in to fight the Belsoto army. We'll show you how to beat the boss fight with Max at Uhuru here, as well as what Temtem he'll have on his team here.

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How to Beat the Boss Fight with Max at Uhuru in Temtem

To beat the boss fight with Max at Uhuru in Temtem, you'll need a diverse team that's at least level 43 and up, ideally 46 or even higher. Max's own team has built on previous incarnations, and now he's got an evolved squad of high-power Temtem that know how to do damage. We've laid out the team properly below.

Max's Temtem Team

Pocus45MentalElectric, Digital, Crystal
Raican45FireWater, Earth
Zaobian45DigitalWater, Electric, Digital
Nessla45Water/ElectricNature, Crystal, Toxic
Barnshe (Luma)47Wind/MentalElectric (x4), Digital, Crystal
Tuvine47Wind/CrystalFire, Melee

Max Uhuru Boss Fight Strategies and Weakness

Max's team is a varied one, but a powerful Electric-type is a good starting point, as three of his Temtem are vulnerable to Electric and one of them - his Luma Barnshe - will take quadruple damage. Hit it with a powerful shock and you might defeat it in a single blow.

A Crystal-type is also a good choice, as not only will it have numerous advantages, but it can tank attacks from Tuvine, Pocus and Nessla while its ally steps forward to do damage. Just be careful not to let it fight Raican, who can do a lot of damage to Crystal types.

Max's team is built around offense and variety, doing high damage and keeping you on the defensive. | Joel Franey/USG, Crema/Humble Bundle

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Max's actual strategy is fairly straightforward, as he focuses on high-damage attacks that burn up a lot of Stamina. His Temtem often have to rest and rarely use defensive or passive attacks, with the notable exception of Zoabian, who will boost its attack by two stages with the move Heat Up. You should get comfortable with frequently swapping your Temtem out to ensure they're never caught in an attack they're weak to, as well as inflicting status effects that can temporarily incapacitate one of them while you deal with the other, allowing you to avoid the stress of fighting two Temtem at once. From that point on, just keep inflicting damage, healing and swapping as necessary, and you should beat Max, allowing you to open the gate and let in the resistance.

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