Temtem: How to Complete and Answer the Tourist Guide Side Quest

Temtem: How to Complete and Answer the Tourist Guide Side Quest

We'll show you how to be the best tour guide and answer all the questions for the visitors in Arissola.

One of the earliest side quests you'll come across in Temtem is the one simply entitled Tourist Guide, in which you take over for an unprepared guide in Arissola and must prove your knowledge of the area to the tourists. We'll show you where to find this quest, and how to best answer the tourists' questions.

How to Complete the Tourist Guide Side Quest

The quest itself takes place entirely in Arissola, the hilltop town that'll likely be the third town you encounter (including the one you start off in). To start it, head to the centre of town where you'll see a group of people and a woman, probably to their North-West, marked on the mini-map by an exclamation point. Speak to her and she'll reveal that she's unable to give the group nearby - the tourists - the guide they need. Offer to take over.

Next, simply go over to the group and talk to any of them to begin the tour. You'll be given several multiple-choice options for what to tell them about the region of Deniz, several of the answers for which will be wrong.

You'll have to give a comprehensive history lesson on Deniz to pass this quest. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

What Answers to Pick for the Arissola Tourists

While there are several separate opportunities to tell the tourists information, only three of them can be answered incorrectly, the others all offering different, but equally correct answers. We'll go over them here.

  1. Welcome ladies and gentlemen...: Any answer works here.
  2. It was described for the first time by the ancient poet...: Pasiphae of Turquesa.
  3. That majestic massif of red rock you can see towards the south, on the way to Brical de Mar, is called...: Thalassian Cliffs.
  4. Excuse me, just a question. What's on the other side of the river?: The town of Turquesa.
  5. Oh, one last question. Where do you recommend we visit next? I'm really into history!: Any answer works here.
  6. Oh, castles, I love castles! We'll see if it has something on the one in Loch Aduar.: Any answer works here.

Now that this is done, go back to the Tour Operator and she'll give you an umbrella, an item that, when given to a Temtem to hold, reduces the damage they take from water techniques by 20%!

Completing the tour correctly will get you an umbrella, which can be used to defend your Temtem from water attacks. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If that was helpful for you, there's all manner of other guides on Temtem for you to look at. Those of you want to get Luma Temtem can find out all there is to know on the subject here, or go to our guide on servers and connectivity if you're having trouble hooking up to the game.

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