Temtem: How to Get the Rock-Hopping Hook

Temtem: How to Get the Rock-Hopping Hook

We show you how to get the grappling hook that lets you cross between islands.

Even after overcoming all other obstacles, at some point in Temtem you'll have to learn how to cross the gaps between small islands. We'll show you how to get the Rock-Hopping Hook to do that, a useful grappling hook that allows you to move over open spaces.

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Rock Hopping allows you to traverse empty space, though only in fixed locations. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Get the Rock-Hopping Hook in Temtem

The hook is a gift given to you by Manki in Quetzal, near the end of the story quest "Shipwrecked in Tucma!", and can't be received before then. After venturing to the airship docks in the East side of town to try and procure a flight to Kisiwa, Captain Magda will explain that she can't fly there owing to trouble at the other end, though there's nothing stopping her taking you back to previous locations. She does know, however, of a route through the nearby Kupeleleza region for those who can do Rock-Hopping, allowing you to cross from island to island and make it to Kisiwa that way.

If you want the Hook, head out of the East exit from Quetzal into Nahua Crater, down towards the Miniporium healing center near one of those Rock-Hopping ridges. Manki, who you helped earlier, is waiting there and will give you a free hook when you talk to him, as well as giving you an explanation on how to use it.

Manki gives you the hook when it becomes clear airship travel is not an option. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Use the Rock-Hopping Hook

In reality, don't worry about all the technical details and advice for the hook that Manki gives you, that's just filler. All you need to do is walk into one of those hook-launching points, and your character will automatically fire it at the opposite ridge and pull themselves over without any further effort on your behalf. You won't fall or mess it up, the process essentially done for you by the game.

In the meantime, why not check out some of our other guides on what you can do in the meantime? If you want to know where to catch the rare and powerful Shuine, we've got guides on that right here. Or if you want to know how to master the Quetzal Dojo and defeat Yareni, we've got the info on that too.

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