Temtem: How to Cross the Red Crystal Paths and Get the Crystal Skates

Temtem: How to Cross the Red Crystal Paths and Get the Crystal Skates

When you get to Omninesia, you'll find roads of slippery red crystal. We'll show you how to cross over them.

While there's a lot of obstacles in your path to become the greatest Temtem Tamer that there ever was, one of the most embarrassing is slipping and sliding across the red crystal paths that run through Nanga to the Anak Volcano. We'll show you how to get the Crystal Skates and cross over the red crystal paths whenever you want, as well as explain what to do when you lose the skates after the Narwhal crash later.

How to Get Over the Slippery Red Crystal Roads

Much like water in the first island needing the Surfboard to get over, the red crystal is simply a way to obstruct you from getting to certain areas in the game before you're ready, and requires a special item called the Crystal Skates to get past them. As a result, the Crystal Skates are unlocked at a certain point in the game's main plot, a milestone that unlocks new areas for you to visit when the game decides you're ready.

Where to Get the Crystal Skates

It's made pretty clear early on that there's a mysterious shortage of Crystal Skates in Omninesia at the moment, all the available pairs having been bought by some unidentified "scientific expedition" (that's Clan Belsoto). You'll get them about halfway/three quarters through your exploration of the Omninesia islands, during the main quest; "Adventures in the Myrisles." Once you beat Rawiri and unlock the Cableway, you'll meet a detective named Carlos outside the Giant Banyan, and work with him to defeat the Clan Belsoto members within while in disguise yourself. Once you've made it all the way through the Banyan and defeated the Lieutenant at the end, Carlos will help you escape, and give you a pair of Crystal Skates he stole on the way out.

Carlos will find you a slick pair of skates if you help him break into the Giant Banyan. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Use the Crystal Skates

Once you have the Skates, using them is as easy as using the Surfboard. Simply walk onto the Crystal and your character will automatically equip them, allowing you to control your movement fairly easily. There's still a little bit of momentum in play and it's a little harder to turn, but you can control direction much more than before, where you would just slide forward without being able to stop or turn mid-way.

Where to Go After Getting the Crystal Skates

Now you can cross the Crystal Roads, the main area of significance opened up to you is the Anak Volcano in South-West Ulterior Omninesia, the only path to which has been uncrossable until now. The main quest continues at Anak Volcano, though you're not obliged to go there until you feel you're ready.

How to Get the Crystal Skates Back After the Narwhal Crash

Later on you'll lose your skates during a plot event that leaves you with many items taken off you. Though you can get some of them back, there's currently no way to reacquire the skates. However, player objections prompted Crema to make an update wherein all items and Temtem that normally would've been accessible only with the Skates have been relocated or added to new areas, meaning that losing them won't stop you from getting anything. It also remains possible that they will be added back in future updates. Either way, we'll be sure to keep you informed.

Once you havet the skates, you'll be able to tackle any red crystal road without issue. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Fortunately, there's a lot of things you can do to prepare. If you want to know the full list of Temtem status conditions and how to make the most of them, you can check out our guide on that. Or if you want to know the secret to easily defeat any boss or enemy in the game, you can find our guide to cheesing Temtem right here.

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