Temtem: How to Easily Beat/Cheese Any Temtem, Tamer or Dojo Leader

Temtem: How to Easily Beat/Cheese Any Temtem, Tamer or Dojo Leader

There's an easy solution to defeating any enemy or opponent in Temtem, and we're here to explain what it is.

Temtem is all about battling your way to the top, but sometimes you don't want to have to deal with overpowered enemies or huge teams of Temtem. We'll show you how to defeat any enemy in Temtem with a basic, easily-understood strategy.

How to Defeat Any Enemy Easily in Temtem

The basic strategy at play here is to simply outlast your opponent and let them deplete their own stamina. Most Temtem AI, whether wild or a Tamer, isn't quite smart enough at time of writing to realise how dangerous a loss of stamina is, nor do they use items to restore stamina when pushed to the brink, simply taking the overexertion hit over and over. If you're uncertain about how stamina and overexertion work, you can find the basics written here. Once they're on the ropes, you can either hit back hard or simply wait for them to destroy themselves through overexertion.

How to Win Through Stamina Loss

To be more precise, once you go into a difficult battle, you'll want to put out any Temtem that can't be killed in one shot by the enemy. It doesn't have to have a type advantage (though it helps), you just need to be able to survive whatever is thrown at you.

Once that's the case, you'll just have to sit back and keep healing your Temtem with whatever items you have. We don't recommend doing this for every fight, as obviously it's going to start getting expensive if you have to buy a bag full of Balms after every battle.

Basically do everything you can to stay alive, and don't bother trying to inflict damage on the opponent yet. Heal, defend, evade, whatever you need to do to make the battle last a little longer. Eventually your opponent will start damaging themselves through overexertion, not to mention skipping turns to let their Temtem rest, whereupon you can either strike back at a significant advantage, or simply let the battle continue as before, allowing your opponent to overexert themselves to death. Even Dojo Leaders aren't immune to this strategy.

It works against you, but also for you - and overexertion is the big blind spot for enemy AI. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If that was helpful to you, why not try it out on the Dojo Leader Rawiri, who we've got the details on right here? Or if you want to know how to catch Oceara, a rare and powerful Water-type, we've got the details on how over here.

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