Temtem: How to Escape the Mines of Mictlan and Get Your Temtem Squad Back

Temtem: How to Escape the Mines of Mictlan and Get Your Temtem Squad Back

We go through your escape from Mictlan's jail and how you can get your items and Temtem back.

One of the most harrowing moments of Temtem is your first visit to the Island of Tucma, especially when it turns out that those who should be helping end up arresting you and taking your Temtem away. We'll show you how to escape the Mines of Mictlan and where to find your Temtem squad.

Warning: the following contains spoilers for the plot of Temtem.

How to Escape Mictlan

After One-Eyed Matthew sets up a distraction to allow you to escape, the Narwhal Stowaway will take you to a friend of his, Ocelotl. He doesn't have your Temtem, but he's got a squad of four he'll let you keep, apparently so attached to them he'll give them away forever to a fugitive he's never met. This team consists of the following; a fairly good mix of types to work with:

  • Loali, level 38 (Nature/Wind)
  • Vulcrane, level 33 (Fire/Earth)
  • Nessla, level 39 (Water/Electric)
  • Valash, level 35 (Neutral/Crystal)

Make sure to check their moves and swap out any others you might want. You should definitely have Chain Lightning equipped on Nessla, and should probably put Urushiol on Loali.

Once you leave, you'll want to head round the corner and South, through the mines themselves. We've marked the precise route below, though there are a range of items if you divert and explore some of the dead ends. There's also a lot of Tamers along the way, so if you need to restore your borrowed Temtem, head back to Ocelotl, who will restore and heal them for free as much as you want.

The route through Mictlan is a bit hostile, but relatively simple when you know the way. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Cross the Crystal Field

Halfway through the mines, you'll encounter the Crystal Field, a large expanse of slippery red glass similar to those you found in Omninesia. However, now you don't have your Crystal Skates, you can't just head out over it. There's a specific route you'll have to take, sliding in straight lines and redirecting yourself only when you hit a rock and stop. We've got the route below, starting from the Western Entrance:

  • Head to the right, into the Field.
  • Go up to get the Technique Course for the move Cage. Then head down back to where you were, then down a little further.
  • Go right.
  • Go up.
  • Go left.
  • Go up once more to reach the exit.

From here it's practically a straight line to Quetzal. However, there's a reason to stop just once before you get there.

How to Get Your Temtem Squad Back

Just before the entrance to Queztal is a Temporium to heal up, as well as the Stowaway! He's managed to get your Temtem and items back. Talk to him and he'll give them back to you (any you don't have space for will go into the Temdeck next to him). You actually get to keep the four Temtem that Ocelotl gave you, so feel free to integrate those into your squad if you want them. The Stowaway will also give you a hood and cloak to conceal you from the authorities. Now that's done, head onwards a little bit more to enter Quetzal and leave the mines behind for good.

The Stowaway will get your Temtem back for you, as well as a sneaky hood and cloak. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Considering you're already in Mictlan, why not check out our guide on how to find and catch the rare Temtem Gyalis while you're there? Or if you want to know how to level up and gain EXP fast, we've got a page on that too.

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