Temtem: How to Fast Travel

Temtem: How to Fast Travel

We look at the fastest way to travel from city to city in Temtem.

The world of Temtem is pretty big, with cities and landmarks spread across numerous floating islands. We'll go over here how to fast travel between different locations and return to places you've been quickly.

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How to Fast Travel

If you want to fast travel, there's technically two ways to do it: use either a smoke bomb or an airship. The latter is an item designed to take you to the last place you visited, while the former is a much more contextual option used to take you from island to island. We'll go over them both here.

How to Fast Travel With a Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bombs can be bought from any Temporium for 120 pansuns. Each one is a single-use item that can be triggered from your inventory. When used, a cloud of smoke appears and your character is teleported back to whatever Temporium or Miniporium they visited most recently, even if it was one in the wilderness. Smoke Bombs are good ways of getting out of dangerous areas in a pinch if you don't want to be killed, just throw one down and you'll instantly be somewhere you can heal up and buy more Balms for your next attempt. We recommend keeping one on you at all times.

How to Fast Travel on an Airship

After beating Arrisola Dojo and getting the surfboard, there'll be a brief series of fetch quests in Deniz that'll enable you to board the Narwhal airship. The airship functions as a way to travel between islands for free, though you'll never unlock more than one at a time. Each island you get to, there'll be some obstacle stopping you from proceeding to the next one that you'll eventually remove as part of the main storyline. Simply follow the main quest to eventually open up all the islands. At any point you can return to the nearest airship docks to travel back to any of the islands you've unlocked for free. It's also worth mentioning that some islands may be inaccessible if they haven't been added to the game yet. Otherwise you should have as much freedom as you like to explore the islands you've been to!

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Temtem's pretty hot right now, and we've got a lot to say about it. Listen to Kat, Nadia and Mike talk Temtem on Axe of the Blood God, or check out Mike going into more detail on the important differences between Temtem and Pokemon here.

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