Temtem: How to Find and Beat the Three Belsoto Spies in the Tasa Desert

Temtem: How to Find and Beat the Three Belsoto Spies in the Tasa Desert

The Belsoto forces have put spies North of Upinzani who you'll have to defeat. We've laid out where you can find them across the Tasa Desert here.

Temtem has turned to all-out warfare by the time you make it to Upinzani and the Tasa Desert, with the inhabitants forming a resistance against the Belsoto invaders. We show you how to find and beat the three Belsoto spies in the Tasa Desert so that the resistance can enact their plan, Operation Tusk.

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How to Find and Beat the Three Belsoto Spies in the Tasa Desert in Temtem

You can find the three Belsoto spies in Temtem at different corners of the Tasa Desert, spread out evenly. In actuality, these spies are more akin to watchtowers, small camps with a couple of Belsoto soldiers who challenge you when you approach. By defeating each camp, you come one step closer to making the desert safe (if you don't include all the wild Temtem attacking you). We've laid out their distinct locations on the map below.

Where to find the three spies in the Tasa Desert. | Joel Franey/USG, Crema/Humble Bundle

Between each battle, recommend going to the central Miniporium to heal your team, or at least use a Temessence Vial to restore their health. You'll also encounter various Temtem as you explore, usually Earth types, so be careful and make sure not to lose too much health as you approach one of the spies' locations.

South Belsoto Spies

The first spies you'll likely encounter, the Southern watchtower's biggest threat is the Myx, which has an annoying ability referred to as "Puppet Master." When Myx's health is below 40%, any attack that targets it will automatically hit its ally, meaning you either have to do group attacks, reduce it to zero health from above 40%, or beat every other Temtem first before you can knock out Myx. Aside from that, powerful Electric moves can do a lot to help here, as three of the Belsoto Temtem are weak to shocks. We've laid out the full details of their team below.

Saipat44Melee/WaterNature, Electric, Mental, Digital, Toxic
Myx44Crystal/MentalFire, Earth, Digital, Crystal
Piraniant42WaterNature, Electric, Toxic

West Belsoto Spies

The spies to the West have the most powerful Temtem of all, but not quite so many, so get ready to fight a few heavy-hitters - and bring Wind attacks! Despite all being tough, all of these Temtem have a weakness to Wind moves. You'll also want to bring items and Temtem who can handle Toxic attacks and being poisoned, as all of these have Toxic dual-typing, not to mention decent offensive stats. Check out the full rosta below.

Platimous48Water/ToxicElectric, Wind
Orphyll48Nature/ToxicFire, Wind
Mushook48Melee/ToxicMental, Wind, Digital
The three spies each utilize different techniques and approaches to try and defeat you. | Joel Franey/USG, Crema/Humble Bundle

If you're determined to catch every Temtem out there, why not check out our full Temtem Guides Hub and walkthrough here? We've got guides on how to beat Dojo Leaders, catch rare Temtem, find unique items and more!

North Belsoto Spies

The spies in the North are the most straightforward, for better and worse, as all of their Temtem are single types, thus giving them less weaknesses, but also less variety. Raican and Zenoreth are the biggest threats here: Raican has powerful stats and moves to match, while Zenoreth knows Madness Buff, which damages itself for a massive boost to Special Defense and Special Attack. Make sure that you beat Zenoreth either before or soon after he uses this, as he'll be very dangerous otherwise. Check below for details on the rest of the team.

Zenoreth41CrystalFire, Earth, Melee
Raican45FireWater, Earth

Where to Go After Beating the Belsoto Spies

Once you're done with them, head to the little enclosed area of land in the top-right corner of the desert to meet the resistance. There you'll have one battle with a guard who has a single Temtem, listed below:

Rhoulder63Neutral/EarthWater, Nature, Mental, Melee

There's no shortage of fun Temtem content here at USG! Mike's written about more of the details of Temtem's year-long roadmap here, or see Mat's story on how Temtem are being sold online for hundreds of dollars each.

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