Temtem: How to Gain EXP and Level Up Fast

Temtem: How to Gain EXP and Level Up Fast

We show you the best way to farm experience and gain levels for your Temtem squad.

Grinding and farming for experience is a big part of a lot of monster-catching games, and Temtem is no exception, allowing you to train and level up your caught critters. In this guide we'll show you how to farm EXP and level up fast, so that you can evolve and grow your Temtem as quickly as possible.

How to Farm EXP

While there's no glitch or exploit currently known in Temtem that allows you to get experience faster than the game intended, there is an important element that determines how fast your Temtem evolve: their level. See, not only does the size of a Temtem's EXP bar increase every time they level up (meaning they need a bit more experience to level each time), Temtem who are significantly higher level than their opponents also gain less EXP for defeating them.

If that sounded a little complicated, we'll use an example: Let's say three Temtem - a level 10 Pigepic, a level 20 Kalazu and a level 30 Baboong - all help bring down an wild level 20 Saipat by working together and all make it through the battle without fainting. If they were all the same level, they'd all get the same amount of experience, but because Pigepic is the lowest level, he gets a lot more than Kalazu, who in turn gets a lot more than Baboong, who barely gets anything because he's a whole ten levels higher than Saipat (we're still working out the precise equation, but we know this is the case).

Not only that, but because Baboong is such a high level, his EXP bar is a lot longer and takes a lot more experience to fill, and this connects us to the most important point of farming in Temtem: you have to keep fighting Temtem that are either close to, the same, or higher level than the one you're trying to level up, otherwise the amount you'll make will be so slow as to be meaningless.

In this example, the Temtem on the left and right are lower level, and thus earn more then the one in the middle. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Where to Find the EXP Share/Coward's Cloak

One of the things that can help here is the Coward's Cloak, Temtem's equivalent of an EXP Share, which grants any Temtem holding it a portion of experience, even if didn't enter the battle directly (they still have to be in your squad though). This is a good way of levelling weak Temtem who keep getting killed in combat.

So far there's only one Coward's Cloak in the game, guarded by several Clan Belsoto goons in Windward Fort. Once you have the Surfboard and can cross water, return to Windward Fort and head to the flooded lowest level where Sophia was held prisoner. Go into the water and head out the door on the left side, where you'll emerge into a large lake. There's a spiral path formed from rocks ahead of you, filled with Belsoto thugs. Fight through all of them to the center of the spiral, and there'll be a chest with the Coward's Cloak inside. You can equip it to any of your Temtem by selecting it in your inventory.

The Coward's Cloak is stuffed in the chest behind these enemies, in the lake beneath Windward Fort. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If you got anything useful from this, why not check out our other Temtem Guides? We've got the details on how to beat one of the hardest Dojo Leaders right here, or follow this guide to find out how to catch the rare and powerful Nature/Mental-type Kinu.

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