Temtem: How to Get Luma Temtem

Temtem: How to Get Luma Temtem

We show you where you can catch shiny Luma Temtem with better stats.

Luckily for all those who want to become the best tamers possible, Temtem has a lot of unique, shiny creatures for you to catch, referred to as "Luma". We'll show you here where you can get Luma Temtem and what they can do.

What Are Luma Temtem?

Luma Temtem are primarily different-coloured versions of Temtem that often (but not always) have a luminous pale blue colouring instead of their normal colours. They also generate a little flashy corona of stars when you send them out or first encounter them, making it clear that they are Luma.

More importantly, Luma have boosted Single Values (core stats like speed, attack and so on). All Temtem have Single Values between 1-50 for their stats, but for a Luma, three of those stats will randomly be 50: a perfect score, making Luma inherently more powerful than other Temtem of that type and level.

How to Breed and Catch Luma Temtem

Getting a Luma Temtem isn't easy, and that's by design: their powerful, rare nature means that catching or breeding one is designed to be a lottery with a very low chance of success.

If you're trying to catch a Luma Temtem, all you need to do is simply go out into the wilds of the Airborne Archipelago and encounter as many as possible. The odds of finding one in the wild are a staggering 1/6000, so don't go out expecting to find anything this side of 2025. That being said, the developers have announced an upcoming endgame area where your chance of encountering a Luma Temtem are significantly increased, which gives some hope to dedicated tamers.

Breeding a Luma is a little different. Breeding two regular, non-Luma Temtem together means that the odds of the baby being Luma are the same as catching one: 1/6000. However, if one of the parents is already Luma, this ramps the odds up to 1/600, ten times better than before. If both parents are Luma, this rises again to 1/60.

Luma Temtem have a distinct glow, one that carries over nicely into their stats. | Crema/Humble Bundle

Of course, this presumes you know the basics of Temtem breeding, which you can find out how to do right here. Or if you want to know the most powerful moves and techniques in the game, we've got those listed too. On the other hand, those who want to power through Temtem can find out how to cheese any enemy in the game right here.

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