Temtem: How to Get the Elevator Key and Beat Mokupuni Dojo Leader Rawiri

Temtem: How to Get the Elevator Key and Beat Mokupuni Dojo Leader Rawiri

We'll show you how to beat the second Dojo and unlock the Cableway Elevator.

Once you get to Temtem's second island, Omninesia, you'll need an Elevator Key to proceed, held by Mokupuni's Dojo Leader Rawiri. We'll show you how to defeat Rawiri and get the Elevator Key as your prize.

How to Get the Elevator Key

Once you get to the town of Mokupuni, it'll become pretty clear that you can't get any further for the time being. A volcanic eruption combined with some sort of criminal activity has locked down the Cableway on the West side of town, so anybody who wants to use it will need an Elevator Key. The only one still available is currently owned by Rawiri, the local Dojo Leader, so you know what that means: dance off! Or Temtem battle I guess, if you want to be boring about it.

How to Cross the River Log Puzzle and Get to Rawiri

The Mokupuni Leader is hiding behind some rather obnoxious Frogger/Crossy-Road sliding log puzzles, in which you have to hop from raft to raft across a river of lava to reach him. You only have to cross one river if you want - the one straight ahead - but those on the left and right both have tamers to beat and items to find, including an Ice Cube, a held item that lowers the damage taken from Fire-type moves. That could be very useful in what's to come, and the tamers can help rack up some experience before you deal with Rawiri himself.

You'll need to be quick on the keys just to get to Rawiri in the first place. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Crossing the rafts themselves is more of a chore than a challenge. Colliding with the walls on either side will send you back to the beginning, so you'll need to keep moving, as well as avoid those with greenery on. You'll stick to them and they'll just carry you into the wall anyway. Fortunately, there's no real penalty for failure, and the only challenging one is the one between you and Rawiri. The trick is to wait to cross until the final moment, whereupon they'll usually spawn in a new raft for you to hop onto just before you hit the wall. It shouldn't be long before you're staring down Rawiri himself. Temtem up!

How to Beat Rawiri

Rawiri's team is a mix of local Temtem, albeit extremely well-trained.Consequently they're mainly a mix of Fire and Nature types, weaknesses that are difficult to take advantage of at this point in the game. To be more specific, Rawiri has these exact Temtem:

  • Deendre, level 24 (Nature)
  • Tateru, level 24 (Neutral)
  • Taifu, level 29 (Nature)
  • Magmis, level 22 (Fire)
  • Banapi, level 18 (Fire)
  • Raize, level 28 (Fire)

Clearly there's a lot going on here, so let's start from the basics: the two accessible types that are going to be a big help in your squad are Water and Toxic, in order to beat the fire and Nature types respectively. If you can catch a couple of Kalazu and evolve them into Kalabyss, itself a Water/Toxic type, you'll have a big advantage over this tough opponent.

Poison Temtem and Poison techniques can help you through Rawiri's Nature-types. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Otherwise, let's get into specifics: your best solution against Fire at this point is Water-types, but those'll be weak to Nature, so you'll want to swap out Temtem the moment Rawiri does, just to make sure you're always at the advantage. The Taifu he sends out is a big threat, a huge damage-absorbing tank that can buff its allies and hit both your Temtem with a single move called Allergic Spread, so focus and kill that thing as soon as possible for the best result.

The other big issue is the move Ember, known by both Banapi and Raize, because that attack is a real nightmare. Any opponent who takes damage from it will be burnt for a turn. You'll lose a bit of health from it, but it's not a lot. Unfortunately, burns also reduce your Temtem's attack significantly, meaning that their physical attack techniques will be pathetically weak and ineffectual while suffering for a burn. Fire-type Temtem are immune to burns, but you probably won't have encountered any of those yet if you haven't traded for them. Use special attacks instead, and bring down those two buggers as quickly as possible.

Ideally, this and a bit of grinding should be enough to get you through Rawiri's Dojo. He'll relax a bit after you beat him, apologize for being standoffish and give you the Elevator Key, as well as 720 pansuns for your trouble.

Taifu and Raize are two of Rawiri's most powerful Temtem, exhibiting high defence and high attack respectively. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Use the Elevator Key

Once you get the key, there's no trouble in using it. Simply head back to the Cableway and the man who stopped you before will see it and let you through. At that point, you can use the Elevator as much or as little as you want, taking you to the following areas to continue the plot.

If that was of use to you, we can tell you where to catch Oceara, a powerful Water-type who can be a lot of use when dealing with Rawiri's fiery minions. Or if you want to go back to old battles, we can show you how to beat Sophia, Leader of the Arrisola Dojo right here. And if you just feel like playing the game on easy mode, we can show you how to cheese any enemy in the game with this basic strategy.

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