Temtem: How to Get Through the Quetzal Dojo Crystal Maze and Beat Dojo Leader Yareni

Temtem: How to Get Through the Quetzal Dojo Crystal Maze and Beat Dojo Leader Yareni

We show you how to get through Yareni's Dojo and what you'll need to beat her.

Your time spent in Temtem's island of Tucma has been rough, with piracy, airships crashes, bandit attacks, poison swamps and an imposter committing crimes in your name, but now it ends with a battle against the Dojo Leader. We'll show you how to get through the Quetzal Dojo and beat Yareni, clearing your name for good.

How to Get Through the Quetzal Dojo Crystal Maze

Quetzal's Dojo is filled with glassy, slippering crystal, and your skates are long in the wind. Not only that, but there's numerous walls, bumpers and redirecting devices that can send you careening to the opposite end of this makeshift maze - or into the path of an enemy tamer. We'll show you how to get through it in the video below, as well as how to get the Telomere Hack - SPD item along the way. Keep in mind that we've cleared this maze of Tamers already, so all those NPCs we passed will be hostile.

Once you're through the maze, you'll reach Yareni and get the chance to challenge her, to prove that you're a distinct person from the imposter committing crimes in your name. This'll be a difficult battle, so be sure your Temtem are healed up and ready to go.

How to Beat Dojo Leader Yareni

Yareni's Temtem are nearly all native to Tucma, meaning you'll mostly be dealing with Toxic and Crystal types, usually with some secondary typing just to throw you off a bit. The full list can be seen below:

  • Volarend, level 34 (Toxic/Wind)
  • Myx, level 31 (Crystal/Mental)
  • Mudrid, level 39 (Earth/Crystal)
  • Gazuma, level 34 (Electric/Wind)
  • Noxolotl, level 35 (Toxic)
  • Shuine, level 43 (Water/Crystal)

There's not a lot of obvious weaknesses on this team, making type-advantage in the long term difficult. Definitely have a Melee attack ready for when Mudrid comes up for four times regular damage on an enemy with lots of health, but otherwise it's difficult to have a consistent set-up. To help, we've listed the weaknesses of each Temtem below for you to make use of, putting any double weaknesses in bold:

  • Volarend: Electric
  • Myx: Fire, Earth, Digital, Crystal
  • Mudrid: Water, Nature, Earth, Melee
  • Gazuma: Crystal
  • Noxolotl: Wind
  • Shuine: Nature, Melee
Gazuma's Electric Storm is devastating when unleashed on weak opponents. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

More specifically in terms of tactics, Volarend and Myx will be sent out first, so you'll want a pair of Temtem who can deal with them as soon as possible. Be ready for lots of poisoning, and know that Gazuma can deal Electric damage to both enemies with a single attack, its Electric Storm.

Noxolotl is potentially a weak spot though, owing to its "Trance" ability. If Noxolotl is below 30% health and takes damage, it'll fall asleep for two turns, though it will get a big boost to special attack and special defense. You can potentially keep one of Yareni's Temtem gaps closed by just chipping away at Noxolotl and keeping it asleep, though you run the risk of it waking up super powerful and stomping all over everything you own.

Other than that, the real danger is Shuine, who is a lot more levelled than the other Temtem and has multiple powerful attacks, though none that can target both of your Temtem at once. It also has the annoying ability "Guardian," which stops its ally from getting cold, burned, poisoned or doomed. Shuine should be prioritised and taken out as soon as it appears, so don't let the Melee Temtem you used to get rid of Mudrid get damaged or taken out before you can set it on Shuine too.

Hopefully it shouldn't be long before Yareni is defeated, awarding you 2612 Pansuns and clearing your name with the authorities.

Shuine is capable of doing huge damage, as well as protecting its allies from status effects. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If that was helpful to you, why not take a look at some of our other Temtem guides? We've got all you need to know on checking quests here, or you can follow this link to find out how to catch your own Crystle.

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