Temtem: How to Get to the Third Island and Beat Nanga Dojo Leader Tihani

Temtem: How to Get to the Third Island and Beat Nanga Dojo Leader Tihani

We show you how you can unlock a new island by defeating Tihani in her dojo.

Dojo Leader Tihani is the most difficult enemy you'll have fought in Temtem so far, an ally and friend for a while before you finally meet her in battle. We'll show you how to defeat Tihani and unlock Kisiwa Island in doing so.

Where to Find Tihani

You'll actually encounter Tihani some time before you get to her Dojo in Nanga, meeting her first in the town of Turquesa where she gives you a ticket to board the Narwhal airship. The Narwhal will take you to Nanga, but Tihani is busy dealing with the Clan Belsoto threat to the Anak Volcano. Simply follow the instructions of the main quest, "Adventures in the Myrisles," and by foiling Belsoto's plans at the volcano you'll get Tihani's attention, whereupon she'll invite you to challenge her at Nanga Dojo, partly to appraise your skill as a Tamer, partly to see if you can hold your own in the ongoing fight against Belsoto itself.

How to Get to Tihani

The Nanga Dojo is filled with the same kind of puzzles as in Rawiri's Mokupuni Dojo, log rafts floating back and forth you have to step between at the right moment. There's a single path leading to Tihani herself, but if you head to the left and right paths first you can get a Pansunscreen (an item that heals burns), and TC006: Magma Cannon, a somewhat-powerful Fire-type move. Each one is behind a Tamer, though this'll give you the chance to train a little before encountering Tihani herself.

Stepping into leaves - like so - is a good way to get sent back to the start. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Otherwise, head through the middle path, leaping from raft to raft. Unlike in Mokupuni, where the secret was to wait until the last moment, here you want to move as fast as possible, banking on quick reflexes and staying ahead of the danger. There'll be three tamer fights along the way, including one with One-eyed Matthew, First Officer of the Narwhal, so you might want to head back and heal after dealing with them, just to make sure you're ready for Tihani herself.

How to Beat Tihani

Tihani is easily the most difficult Dojo Leader so far, not just because her Temtem are a higher level than the others, but because they're a variety of different types that make it difficult to keep a single strategy going. The full list can be seen below:

  • Cerneaf, level 33 (Nature)
  • Mastione, level 33 (Fire)
  • Kinu, level 38 (Nature/Mental)
  • Ukama, level 33 (Water)
  • Granpah, level 33 (Wind)
  • Wiplump, level 31 (Water/Flying)

It's a pretty eclectic mix, designed to prevent you from getting too reliant on any one Temtem in your own party. Still, there are weak spots in Tihani's line-up, and we can show you how to exploit them.

The big help here will be Electric attacks. Four of Tihani's Temtem are weak to a powerful jolt of lightning (the exceptions being Cerneaf and Mastione), and none of them really have anything that can hit back hard against Electric-types. Ganki or Nessla can really shine in a battle like this, though Nessla is a bit of a double-edged sword, also having Water attacks to deal with Mastione, but weak to the Nature attacks from Cerneaf and Kinu. Of course, you could always have Nessla and Ganki in your party, just to be on the safe side.

Tihani's team has a real weakness to electric attacks. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If you don't have the type advantages, it's a matter of working out what to prioritise. Cerneaf is usually a big annoyance, with a lot of health and the attack Allergic Spread, which can hit both your Temtem in one go, and Mastione will power itself up with Rage if not taken out early. Kinu is obviously the most powerful member of the team, but it's also prone to burning through stamina fast, trying to compensate with health-regen moves and conditions. In fact, most of Tihani's team have a lot of health and high defense, so get ready for a long fight in which you'll be whittling through enemies for a while.

How to Get to the Third Island Kisiwa

Technically the Narwhal has been able to fly to Kisiwa ever since you foiled Belsoto at the volcano, but you have to fight Tihani first to get her blessing. For beating her, she'll give you 1987 Pansuns, as well as your own Deendre Temtem as a gift. At this point, simply head back to the Narwhal and you'll have the choice to head to Kisiwa, as well as Deniz.

The Deendre given to you can actually be evolved into a Cerneaf, if you want one of your own. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If that was of use to you, why not look at some of our other guides on Temtem? If you want your own Kinu to rival Tahani's, we can show you where to catch one here. Or if you want to discover some of Temtem's best Easter Eggs, we've listed them and where to find them at our page over here.

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