Temtem: How to Relearn Old and Forgotten Moves and Techniques

Temtem: How to Relearn Old and Forgotten Moves and Techniques

You don't need a move tutor in Temtem to relearn old techniques. We'll show you how to get your old skills back.

Temtem's diverse selection of techniques means that sooner or later you'll have to forget certain attacks to make room for new ones. Fortunately, a move forgotten isn't lost forever. We'll show you how to remember and relearn old moves for your Temtem here.

Remembering Techniques and Moves

The useful thing about Temtem is that while your squad can only ever have four moves equipped each, you can reequip and remember moves your Temtem once knew at any point. Not only this, but there's no limit to how often you can remember them, meaning that attacks function more like equippable items you can slot into four available spaces at any time.

How to Remember and Relearn Old Moves

While out of battle, go into your squad menu and click on the Temtem you want to relearn any technique. This'll bring up their info page, including stats, abilities and moves. Looking at the bottom-right, you'll see there's actually two columns for techniques: an unnamed one with all your equipped attacks, and one marked "Learned Techniques" with all the attacks your Temtem used to know. Simply drag and drop the move you want into the other column to replace another one. As mentioned, you can do this as many times as you want, so customize your moveset as much as you feel is necessary.

Moves can be learned through the standard info screen for Temtem. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If that was helpful for you, why not check out our guide on one of Temtem's earliest, easiest side quests, the Tourist Guide? Or go here to see how to catch Luma Temtem, the rarest and most valuable critters in the game.

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