Temtem: Overexertion and Stamina Explained

Temtem: Overexertion and Stamina Explained

Stamina management, overexertion and exhaustion in Temtem can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Temtem contains ideas old and new alike, but one of the most important is stamina and overexertion, which can damage and incapacitate Temtems if managed incorrectly by an inexperienced tamer. We'll explain the basics here so that you don't run the risk of making a costly mistake.

What is Stamina in Temtem?

In Temtem Stamina functions as a pool of energy that all your Temtem's techniques draw from, represented by the blue meter under your Temtem's health with number value next to it. The small blue number on each technique represents how much stamina it'll use up. You can even hold the mouse over the attack in battle for the game to show you how much will get used up if you select it.

Generally speaking, more powerful and deadly techniques take up more stamina, which functions like a kind of ammunition in battle for all your attacks. You get a small amount of stamina back each turn, and you can restore a lot by selecting the option to rest, essentially having your Temtem skip a turn. Stamina also completely refills at the end of each battle, though there are items that can restore it mid-battle if you need it.

Why is My Temtem Overexerted?

Overexertion is why you'd want to restore stamina. If you have too little stamina to perform an attack and choose it anyway, your Temtem will still do the attack, at the cost of its own health, an amount equal to the difference between what the attack costs and how much stamina you had left. So if your Temtem has six stamina remaining and does a technique that takes ten stamina to perform, they'll lose four health points and whatever stamina they have remaining.

So that's a problem, but there's also a second issue: if you do use up health to perform an attack and overexert your Temtem, it'll be unable to do anything but rest on its next turn, effectively forcing you to miss a go (though only with that Temtem, not with both of them). This doesn't mean you shouldn't ever overexert your Temtem, but make sure it's a calculated choice, balancing risk and reward accordingly.

Overexertion can briefly take your Temtem out of the battle. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If you're exploring the Airborne Archipelago, why not check out where to catch a powerful Barnshe and complete the connected side quest right here? Or if you want a few techniques that don't eat up stamina as much, go here to see how to relearn and remember techniques your Temtem has forgotten. And if you want to see how to use overexertion like a pro, you can see how to use it to cheese any fight in our handy guide here.

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