Temtem Team is "Pretty Confident" About Cross-Save in Upcoming Roadmap

Temtem Team is "Pretty Confident" About Cross-Save in Upcoming Roadmap

There's a whole host of new things coming to Temtem over the next year.

Temtem, an indie in the style of Pokemon, continues to grow since its Steam Early Access launch. Already, it's sold 500,000 copies on PC and features an enthusiastic community. In fact it's a community so enthusastic that some are paying hundreds of dollars for max-stat Temtem.

Developer Crema wants to build on Temtem though, not just release a sequel in a few years. To that end, Crema has released a short-term and mid-term roadmap for Temtem. The team stresses that these planned additions are "not 100% confirmed". Plans may change and features may shift, considering this roadmap stretches all the way to Summer 2021.

This Spring, most of the changes are under the hood. The first iteration of Ranked matchmaking is coming to Temtem, though the developer says its "obsessed about reaching a perfect balance until the Temtem roster is complete." There will be player ratings based on initial matches that feed into matchmaking and auto-scaling for Temtem will be introduced for the Ranked matchmaking queue only. Other features like improved in-game chat, a spectator mode, and further Club management options.

Moving on to Summer, Temtem will get its first new island! Temtem takes place on the Airborne Archipelago, a floating series of islands, making it easy for the team to expand the world. Kisiwa is the next island and will add 25 more Temtem to the overall roster. Player Housing will also join the game, and you'll be able to invite other players over to show off all your decorations. The short-term additions close out in Fall 2020, with another new island, Cipanku, and another 25 Temtem. Players can also hunt for the first Mythical Temtem, the strongest and rarest creature around. Finally, achievements and in-game tournaments will be added.

The long-term additions are far more ambitious though. There will be further improvements to matchmaking, another new island, and more Temtem, but Crema is also adding Club Dojo Wars. This mode mirrors Pokemon Go, with player clubs being able to raid any of the six Dojos and challenge Dojo leaders and other clubs in tournaments. The winners take hold of that Dojo, allowing them to decorate it and gain rewards for taking control.

There's also the Trading House, sort of an auction house for Temtem trades. Instead of finding a player and trading directly, these Trading Houses will let you put your Temtem up on a bulletin board for trading. "We know there's a lot of hype about the Trading House and some of you may be wondering why we aren't pushing this feature to come out sooner. The Trading House is a huge feature, it requires a lot of planning, work, and testing so we don’t want to rush it and we want to have enough time to properly develop it the way we want to," says Crema.

The full launch of Temtem, including the console releases for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, is planned for Spring 2021. At that time, Crema will also add the end-game island (similar to Pokemon's Battle Frontier), alongside daily and weekly quests. The developer also took some time to talk about cross-play and cross-save. The team notes that cross-play is relatively easy, and mostly relies on platform holders. "The main problem with cross-play is related to console holder restrictions, but they seem very open about it lately so we're hoping we will be able to achieve cross-play on every platform we launch," says Crema.

More islands mean more variety! | Joel Franey/USG, Crema

On cross-save, the team has a few more doubts about the feature, but still maintain that it's on the table. "Apart from having the same legal and restrictions hoops, there’s also a technical issue that needs to be sorted and solved which is a way of joining all your different accounts into the same one," says Cream. "Temtem doesn't have a custom login system, it just uses the platforms' login system in a transparent way, so we'll need to find a way to join them together so you can access the same data in all your platforms. We're pretty confident about it but we still need to figure out some more things and talk with the different platform holders to get their OK."

Crema was also very frank about the paid cosmetics store. Temtem is an online game, and developer and online operation isn't cheap. The cosmetics store will sell player clothes, emotes, and furniture for your houses, but not gameplay-affecting items. Crema is also planning on a Battle Pass for cosmetic items.

Finally, there's a planned Nuzlocke mode, named after the hardcore difficulty rules some veteran Pokemon players attach to their runs through the mainline entries. These rules involve Pokemon being released if they faint and players only being able to capture a few Pokemon per area. Temtem's Nuzlocke mode will feature the same rules on a unique server. "Nuzlocke players will play on a different instance of the server, and they will only play around other Nuzlocke players," says Crema. "Trading will be limited due to the Nuzlocke rules, but PVP will not. So if you’re brave enough, you will be able to duel other players and face a permanent loss."

Soon, Clubs will be able to attack a Dojo together! | Joel Franey/USG, Crema

It's a strong roadmap and it sounds like this is only the beginning of Crema's plans for Temtem. The strength of Temtem is in not being Pokemon and the online nature allowing for ongoing growth of the world. I said before, "This is a foundation the developer is building on, because unlike Nintendo and GameFreak, it doesn't need to release annual or bi-annual iterations. Temtem is a game that, assuming it's successful, can be added upon for years." Well, it's successful, and Crema is ready to build on that.

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