Temtem Type Chart Guide: Type Weaknesses and Strengths Explained

Temtem Type Chart Guide: Type Weaknesses and Strengths Explained

We show you all the different types in Temtem, as well as what they're weak and strong against.

Temtem offers up all manner of creatures for you to battle, but it's important to know what types of move your Temtem will be weak or resistant to, or what techniques you should be using on those you battle. To make it easier, we've made a Temtem type chart to help as you explore the Airborne Archipelago.

Temtem Type Charts

In order to make things simpler and easier to use, we've made two tables: one explaining what types your Temtem is weak to, and another one explaining what kinds of Temtem you should use your techniques on.

Temtem Resistances Type Chart

My Temtem is Type...Therefore it takes less damage from...But takes more damage from...
FireFire, Nature, CrystalEarth, Water
NatureWater, Earth, Nature, ElectricFire, Toxic
WaterFire, Water, EarthNature, Electric, Toxic
ElectricElectric, WindEarth, Crystal
MentalNeutral, MeleeElectric, Digital, Crystal
EarthFire, Electric, Crystal, ToxicWater, Nature, Melee
WindEarth, WindElectric
CrystalElectric, Mental, ToxicFire, Earth, Melee
DigitalToxicWater, Electric, Digital
MeleeMeleeMental, Digital
ToxicWater, Nature, ToxicWind

Temtem Technique Type Effectiveness Chart

This technique does...Therefore it's effective against...But it's not very effective against...
FireNature, CrystalFire, Water, Earth
NatureWater, EarthFire, Nature, Toxic
WaterFire, Earth, DigitalWater, Nature, Toxic
ElectricWater, Mental, Wind, DigitalNature, Electric, Earth, Crystal
MentalNeutral, MeleeCrystal
EarthFire, Electric, CrystalWater, Nature, Wind
WindToxicElectric, Wind
CrystalElectric, MentalFire, Earth
DigitalMental, Digital, MeleeNone
MeleeEarth, CrystalMental, Melee
ToxicWater, NatureEarth, Digital, Crystal, Toxic

How Do Types Work in Temtem?

In Temtem, "types" function similarly to Pokemon or Persona 5, each individual Temtem embodying one or two of the twelve types. Each type takes more or less damage from techniques that embody certain other types.

For example, a Fire-type Temtem like Raiber will be weak against water attacks and take twice as much damage from them, but it will take half as much damage from Nature or Crystal attacks. Once you start to learn all the different types and what to use, you'll have a huge advantage in combat.

What to Use Against Neutral-Type Temtem

Neutral Temtem are only weak against Mental-type techniques, but also aren't resistant against any particular kind of damage. Similarly, they won't do any extra damage to anything, and do only half damage on Mental Temtem.

What to Use Against Fire-Type Temtem

Fire types are badly hurt by Water and Earth techniques, but they can shrug off damage from Nature, Crystal and other Fire moves. Their fire moves will also do extra damage to Nature and Crystal Temtem.

Getting the right type can turn a difficult battle into an easy one. | Crema/Humble Bundle

What to Use Against Nature-Type Temtem

Nature types can be easily defeated by Fire or Toxic techniques, but are difficult to hurt with Water, Nature, Electric or Earth. Meanwhile, Nature-type techniques will devastate Water and Earth, but won't do much against Fire, Nature or Toxic enemies.

What to Use Against Water-Type Temtem

If you're struggling against some aquatic foes, you'll want to try using Nature, Electric or Toxic attacks for maximum damage, while staying away from using Fire, Earth or Water. Water-type attacks also do double-damage on Fire, Earth or Digital Temtem, but will be weaker against Water, Nature or Toxic opponents.

What to Use Against Electric-Type Temtem

Electric-types don't have many resistances or weaknesses, but they will be hurt more by Earth or Crystal attacks if you have any, and take minimal damage from Electric and Wind attacks. Electric techniques will also badly damage Water, Mental, Wind and Digital attackers, but won't really bother anything associated with Nature, Electric, Earth or Crystal.

What to Use Against Mental-Type Temtem

Themed around psychic power, Mental-types are weak to Electric, Digital or Crystal attacks, but can easily resist Neutral or Melee moves. Their own telepathic powers tend to be strong against those same Neutral or Melee foes, but do half the damage to Crystal-type enemies.

What to Use Against Earth-Type Temtem

Earth-types are easiest to beat with moves of Water, Nature or Melee, but are hard to beat with Fire, Electric, Crystal or Toxic attacks. If you're using Earth-type moves, they'll be best against enemies who are Fire, Electric or Crystal, and struggle to damage Water, Nature or Wind Temtem.

What to Use Against Wind-Type Temtem

Wind types are only weak to Electric techniques, but resistant to both Earth and Wind moves. Their attacks are best against Toxic critters, and don't do much damage to Electric or Wind enemies.

All the starting Temtem are different types: Melee, Crystal and Mental. | Crema/Humble Bundle

What to Use Against Crystal-Type Temtem

Formed from rocks, glass and quartz, Crystal Temtem are most vulnerable to Fire, Earth or Melee moves, and resistant to any attacks that are Electric, Mental or Toxic. Their own Crystalline attacks do a lot of damage to Electric and Mental types, but aren't effective against Fire or Earth.

What to Use Against Digital-Type Temtem

One of the rarest types of Temtem, Digitals are weak to Water, Electric and their own Digital moves, but resistant to anything based on Toxic. Their moves are extra damaging to Mental, Digital and Melee opponents, and aren't ineffective against anything, making them particularly versatile.

What to Use Against Melee-Type Temtem

Melee Temtem tend to be badly hurt by Mental and Digital moves, and are only resistant to their own type. Their moves take a lot of health from Earth and Crystal enemies, but won't hurt Mental or Crystal ones to any great degree.

What to Use Against Toxic-Type Temtem

Finally, Toxic Temtem are weak only to Wind techniques, and can hold up well against Water, Nature or Toxic moves. Their attacks are best against Water and Nature moves, but do half damage to Earth, Digital, Crystal and Toxic enemies.

Some Temtem are more than one type, making finding their weakness more of a challenge. | Crema/Humble Bundle

Now you should have a full grasp of all the basic types at play and what you'll need when you encounter one. And if you found that helpful, why not take a look at our review here to see our first thoughts of Temtem as a whole? Or if you want to find similar guides for Pokemon Sword and Shield, just go to our other type charts here.

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