Temtem: What to Do About ‘Server Connection Has Been Lost’ Error and Queue Issues

Temtem: What to Do About ‘Server Connection Has Been Lost’ Error and Queue Issues

Temtem's launch has been hampered by difficult server connections and long queues. We'll show you how to deal with them.

Temtem has been struggling to keep players in the Airborne Archipelago in its first day of release owing to overloaded servers players are having difficulty connecting to,, often waiting in queues for long periods of time or getting ejected from the game. We'll show you the right thing to do when that happens.

How to Fix ‘Server Connection Has Been Lost’ Error

Unfortunately there is no way to do this unless you're a technician at Crema Games, as the problem isn't likely at your computer, but from the sudden influx of players being too much for Temtem's servers to handle. A patch has already been released that is reportedly alleviating matters somewhat, though the issue is by no means fixed entirely.

Connecting to Temtem and Being Placed in a Queue

On the unlikely chance it is your network that's the problem, check your router is working and do whatever steps the manufacturer recommends to reboot and reconnect to the internet. If you connection is up and running, make sure you've downloaded any updates to Temtem before playing it.

For us, the heartwarming goodbye to Aina was interrupted by server issues. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Otherwise when the notification comes up telling you that you've disconnected from the server, reconnect when the option comes up. You'll likely be put in a queue to rejoin. As large as the number might be, DO NOT QUIT the game. Doing so and reloading Temtem will likely just put you to the back of the queue again, so you'll have to wait. It shouldn't be more than a few minutes if you're lucky (though some have been waiting up to half an hour), and ideally there'll be more patches to the game over time. After all, it is still in Early Access, though it doesn't make this any less annoying.

Ideally your wait in the queue shouldn't take too long. Ideally. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If you do manage to get into Temtem, you'll need to know how to play. We've got a full type and move guide right here, or go here if you want to know how to get hold of the rare and powerful Luma Temtem.

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