Temtem: When Are New Temtem Being Released?

Temtem: When Are New Temtem Being Released?

We look at the future updates that'll add more Temtem into the game.

One of the most clear and obvious additions to the game Temtem will be more Temtem, increasing the variety of monsters for players to catch and tame. In this guide we'll look at future updates to explain when new Temtem are being added, as well as how many there'll be.

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When Are New Temtem Coming Out?

So far there are over eighty Temtem, with more to be added over the following year. In a post titled "Talking a Bit About the Future of Temtem", developers Crema said that there would be three separate batches of Temtem species added to the game in updates over the next year, bringing the total up to 161. The precise update details are listed as follows:

  • ~25 New Temtem in Summer 2020
  • ~25 New Temtem in Fall 2020
  • ~30 New Temtem in Winter 2020

Crema have not said anything about whether there'll be more Temtem added after these three updates, meaning there's a chance that we could get more. Crema have said that mythical Temtem will be added separately, so it is certainly possible, though there's no guarantees either way.

What New Temtem Are Coming Out?

We don't have any firm details about what kind of Temtem to expect, though we have seen designs in supplementary material, such as the launch trailer, that show Temtem that have not appeared in the game yet. It's possible that these Temtem are going to be added later, or they represent designs that were rejected or heavily reworked before being put into the final product. Or perhaps they just haven't been found yet - Temtem has more than a few secrets hidden within it. Either way, we'll be sure to let you know when there's more information.

Not sure if new Temtem... or Deendre gone through washing machine? | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If you want something to do before those updates, we've got some great Temtem material here. Mike's written about more of the details of Temtem's year-long roadmap here, or see Mat's story on how Temtem are being sold online for hundreds of dollars each.

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