Temtem: Where to Catch Barnshe and Complete "The Denizan Icarus" Quest for Daedalus

Temtem: Where to Catch Barnshe and Complete "The Denizan Icarus" Quest for Daedalus

We take you on a walkthrough on where you can find a Barnshe Temtem for Daedalus to help him with his photography.

Temtem's most mysterious side-quest might be The Denizan Icarus, in which you're challenged to find and catch the Temtem Barnshe for Daedalus, an aspiring photographer hoping to take aerial shots with your help. We'll take you through the quest and how to find and catch a Barnshe.

How to Start The Denizan Icarus Side Quest

You can find Daedalus, the quest-giver, in the Thalassian Cliffs North of Brical de Mar and South of Arrisola. He's much closer to the top than the bottom, overlooking a drop marked on the map below.

Daedalus' location on the Thalassian Cliffs. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Speak to him, and he'll explain how he wants to take some aerial shots of the region, but doesn't have a Temtem to fly his camera up. Show him your Tempedia in dialogue, and you can go through the process of eliminating what Temtem are and are not appropriate to this quest until he outright suggests one: Barnshe, the Mental/Wind type that has both the strength to fly the camera up and the intelligence to operate it on your instructions. Of course, Daedalus doesn't have a Barnshe of his own, and that's where he looks to you again. You'll have to catch one and bring it back to him.

Where to Catch Barnshe

Barnshe are found only in one area, the top floor of the Windward Fort at the end of the Gifted Bridges road, North of Arrisola. The game's story actually leads you in that direction, where you'll encounter Clan Belsoto and Lady Lottie for the first time.

The open roof of the Windward Fort is the only place to catch a Barnshe. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

The top floor is the last area of the Windward Fort you'll get to, a rooftop area open to the sky where you'll encounter Lady Lottie and have a boss fight. Despite the lack of grass in the area, you can technically encounter Temtem just by walking around. One of the Temtem you can encounter is Barnshe, but don't expect to find it immediately: the spawn rate for this big bird is 5%, so you'll likely have to go through a few battles before you finally encounter it.

Once you do find a Barnshe, be careful not to kill it. They take four times the damage from Electric attacks, and double damage from Crystal and Digital moves. Put it to sleep if you can, get it to half health or less, then just start slinging Temcards at it until one of them manages to hold it. Once you've caught it, head back to Daedalus with it in your party.

The odds aren't good, but sooner or later you should encounter the elusive Mental/Wind Temtem. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Bringing Barnshe to Daedalus

Once you approach Daedalus and talk to him, you'll send Barnshe up with the camera, with him asking you to relay instructions to it. At his request, give these instructions, in this order:

  1. "Barnshe, fly over the water!"
  2. "Soar over Windward Fort!"
  3. "Climb as high as you can!"

After answering correctly, Daedalus will give you TC003, an item that allows you to teach Temtem the technique "Turbo Choreography". You'll also get to keep the Barnshe you caught, a nice addition to any early team.

If this advice helped you, why not check out how to beat another early quest, "The Tourist Guide", at our how-to right here? Alternatively, go to our page on Temtem techniques to see how you can relearn old moves at any time, or follow this link to see how to cheese your way through every battle in Temtem easily.

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