Temtem: Where to Catch Rhoulder

Temtem: Where to Catch Rhoulder

The Neutral/Earth-type rhino Temtem is a powerful foe and ally alike. We'll show you how to catch it and whether you should have one in your Temdeck team.

If you've played Temtem for long enough you'll start encountering Rhoulder, a powerful rhino-looking Temtem who uses Earth and Neutral attacks for powerful damage. We'll show you where to catch Rhoulder below, its location, and if it deserves a spot on your team.

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Where to Catch Rhoulder in Temtem

You can find and catch Rhoulder in the Grassy Cave in Tasa Desert, on the island of Kisiwa. If you haven't found Kisiwa yet, we've laid out how you can find it here. Tasa Desert itself unlocks after reaching Upinzani, and specifically you want to head to the cavern in the very centre of the desert. We've laid out its location below.

Where to find Rhoulder in Tasa Desert. | Joel Franey/USG, Crema/Humble Bundle

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Once you go inside, the cave is simply one room in which wild Temtem will randomly attack as you move, just like outside. Rhoulder will spawn in here, but be warned: the chance of them appearing is VERY small. You'll likely have to go through multiple fights to even find one.

How to Catch Rhoulder

Once you find Rhoulder, you'll want to slowly chip away at its health until you have a chance of catching it. Rhoulder's moves tend to have a high stamina cost, so while it often has to rest, there's also a danger of it overexerting itself and ending the battle. Try to put it asleep or inflict some kind of status effect on it so it can't destroy itself prematurely. Otherwise, check here to see the weaknesses of both Earth and Neutral types. Some Rhoulders also have the ability Thick Skin, which halves damage from Wind attacks.

Should I Have Rhoulder on My Team?

Rhoulder has excellent stats when it comes to attack, defense and HP, but its limited pool of attacks mean it doesn't have a lot of variation, and it suffers from low stamina. It serves as a good placeholder if you need an Earth-type on your team, and as a tank to weather the worst attacks.

There's no limit to how much Temtem content you can catch here at USG! Go grab Mike's opinion of the early game here, or see Mat's story about Temtem selling online for hundreds of dollars.

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