Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Crystle

Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Crystle

We show you where to get Crystle, the Crystal-type turtle that also functions as one of the game's three starters.

Unlike other games with chooseable starters, Temtem actually offers players the chance to catch those starters in the wild some time after making that choice. We'll take you through one of those now, and show you how to catch Crystle in this simple guide.

Where to Find Crystle

Professor Konstantinos mentioned back in Zadar that the Crystle he caught was found in Tucma, near the Amethyst Barrens. He's actually referring to an area called Kupeleleza, an island to the South-West of Nahua Crater, where you're arrested by the Quetzal guards. You can find it before having to go there, however, inside the Mines of Mictlan. It's got a very low chance to appear in combat, but as long as you're prepared to wait, keep circling around near Ocelotl's house until one shows up.

Crystle can be found in the Mines of Mictlan, though your chances are very low. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Catch Crystle

Crystle will be between level 28 and 30 if you do encounter it, and it's a regular Crystal-type, making it weak to Fire, Earth and Melee and resistant to Electric, Mental and Toxic. We don't recommend hitting it with its weaknesses though, Crystle's defense is good but its Special Defense leaves something to be desired, meaning you could kill it by accident. Put out some Temtem that are resistant to Crystle attacks, and just chip away at its health until it's in the orange, then start throwing Temcards. It's not too difficult to catch, and before long you'll have a new starter for your team.

If you're already in the Mines of Mictlan, you'll likely want our handy guide on how to escape. Or if you want to know how to catch Gyalis, the other rare Temtem hiding there, head to this page to get all the details you need.

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