Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Gyalis

Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Gyalis

We'll show you how to get one of the most dangerous-looking Temtem in the game.

Most Temtem in the Airborne Archipelago tend to look more cute than cutthroat, but Gyalis, the ominous and rare Crystal/Melee-type is clearly an exception to the rule. We'll show you where to catch Gyalis, and whether it's worth keeping one on your squad for battles.

Warning: the following contains spoilers for the plot of Temtem.

Where to Find Gyalis

Right now Gyalis is only available in the Mines of Mictlan inside the Isle of Tucma, just before you get to the city of Quetzal. You'll find the Mines right after getting below the surface as you look for help with the airship crash in the quest "Shipwrecked in Tucma!" Try heading down below the toxic surface, and the paranoid and frightened guards will arrest you in a case of mistaken identity. After escaping in a cutscene, you'll flee into a labyrinthine area filled with miners and get given a new Temtem squad until you can find your regular one. This is the Mines of Mictlan, and Gyalis is somewhere here.

Gyalis is hiding somewhere in the Mines of Mictlan. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

It's important to recognise that Gyalis is very rare even in this area, and you'll need to do quite a few wild battles before you find one. We found it on the hard ground before the Crystal Fields where you're warned to take skates, but apparently it can be found in all areas of the Mines, it's just very uncommon. Stock up on as many Temcards as you can find and keep cycling through random encounters until you come across one.

How to Catch Gyalis

As a Crystal/Melee-type, Gyalis is weak to Fire, Earth and Digital attacks, and will resist Electric and Toxic attacks fairly well. Unfortunately, it's also got pretty poor defensive stats and low stamina, so be careful not to kill it when you do find it. We actually recommend using moves it's resistant to, slowly chipping away at its health and then burying it in Temcards once it's in the orange. It should be around level 35, so bring Temtem who can handle attacks of that level, ideally those that are resistant to Neutral and Crystal moves.

Gyalis looks like a combination of a dangerous insect and a tacky necklace. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Is Gyalis Worth It?

Well, we're not so sure about that, especially considering the wide range of Crystal-types available in the Mines of Mictlan. Gyalis is a glass cannon, doing high damage with excellent attack and speed, but no other strengths to speak of. Its defensive stats are average to poor, it has low stamina, and though it doesn't learn many special attack moves, the few it has aren't worth it because Gyalis' special attack is appalling, one of the worst in the game.

The stats aren't too remarkable, and the moveset is pretty disappointing for something so hard to find. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

You might also have noticed that I said your own Temtem, when trying to catch it, should be resistant to Neutral and Crystal moves despite the fact that Gyalis is also a Melee-type. Unfortunately, all Gyalis' naturally-learnt Melee techniques are just stat-raising moves, most of which boost attack and speed; which weren't problems in the first place. In fact, the only way to teach Gyalis a damaging Melee attack is through selective breeding, so all the Melee element really does is give it a weakness to Digital attacks. Woop.

Right now Gyalis would struggle to justify its existence in any squad that either doesn't have a space free already, though it might be worth it if you're going up against some tough enemies who are weak to Crystal attacks (i.e., Electric and Mental). Gyalis will devastate enemies with powerful attacks early on, but doesn't have the longevity for multiple battles or even just any battle that goes on too long. Keep it in the reserves, because there's just better options out there.

Of course, the Mines of Mictlan can be pretty brutal. If you want to know how to level up quickly and gain EXP for such a dangerous location, check out our guide on that. Or if you want to know how to topple Nanga Dojo Leader Tihani, we've got an explanation on that too.

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