Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Kinu

Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Kinu

We'll show you how to find one of the rarest Temtem in the game, the forest sprite Kinu.

Getting to Omninesia in Temtem will give you the chance to catch Kinu, a powerful Nature/Mental-type. We'll show you where to find Kinu, how to catch it, and how to use it in battle as effectively as possible.

Warning: the following contains minor spoilers for the plot of Temtem.

Where to Find Kinu

Kinu isn't available until near the end of the "Adventures in the Myrisles" main quest, which takes you through the whole of Omninesia and has you thwart Clan Belsoto yet again, this time as they trigger a volcanic eruption to try and make a new kind of Diamond Temtem.

Specifically, Kinu is a rare encounter in the Giant Banyan, the hollow tree in West Citerior Omninesia where Belsoto is hiding, and where you go undercover with Carlos the Detective. The first time you go there as part of the plot, Belsoto have cleared the area to make room for their hideout, but if you come back after defeating Dr. Hamijo at the Anak Volcano, the villains will have fled and the Banyan will have become filled with long grass, allowing the wild Temtem to return. Out of all the Temtem that live in the Banyan, there is a very small chance that one of the ones you encounter is Kinu, a small floating green sprite with puppy-dog eyes. You don't need to bother going deep inside the Banyan to find it, just hang around the entrance and sooner or later - probably later - you'll encounter one. Now you have to catch it.

Kinu can be found (if you're very lucky) in the long grass in the Giant Banyan. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Catch Kinu

Kinu is a Nature/Mental-type with low physical defense and health that'll likely be around level 25 when you encounter it. It's also very hard to capture, with only a small chance of being held even in a Temcard+. Bring a lot of them with you for this reason, and do small amounts of damage to whittle it down. You can't put it to sleep, being a Mental type, so either try to freeze it with cold attacks or just bury it in Temcards until one of them holds it. Don't use attacks that are super-effective, as Kinu's low health means you risk killing it in the process. You'll have to play the long game on this one, especially considering Kinu has moves that heal itself.

Is Kinu Worth It?

The Tempedia describes Kinu as "some of the rarest Nature Temtem(,) to the point that some tamers think them a mere legend," so clearly there's some bragging rights associated with this thing. Try breeding a few eggs and hold them above your friends, laughing and demanding payment before you'll hand them over.

Other than that, Kinu boasts a pretty high special defense, special attack, stamina and speed, along with a move-set that makes it suitable for both high damage-output and support, able to buff allies, hypnotize opponents, then do high-stamina attacks like Beta Burst that can defeat certain enemies in a single hit - exactly what you'd expect from something that's both a Nature and Mental-type. We think it's got a place in any team that doesn't have either of those types already, and outclasses most Nature types you'll have encountered before this point in the game.

Kinu's powers and stats are best suited to a max of support and hard strikes, protecting allies and blasting through enemies. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

If that was helpful to you, why not check out all the best Easter Eggs in Temtem, which we've listed right here? Or if you want to know how to get the Crystal Skates and open up new areas, we've got that too. Alternatively, click here to find out how to cheese your way through any tamer, Temtem or Dojo Leader, with or without Kinu in your team.

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