Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Mythical Temtem

Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Mythical Temtem

Legendary Temtem of myth are rumoured to be found in the Airborne Archipelago. We'll show you where.

One of the most exciting and demanded elements of Temtem is the opportunity to catch rare, legendary monsters. We'll show you where to find and catch Mythical Temtem here, as well as the explaining when players can expect more to be added

Where to Find Mythical Temtem

At time of writing there are currently no Mythical Temtem for players to catch, though the developers have made it clear that we can expect several to be added in future updates over the course of the next year. However, while none of them are in the game yet, there have been clues as to where they might be found, or what to expect from them. So far we have three major hints as to where they might be found.

Some people will believe anything. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle
  • A character named "Daredevil" inside Anak Volcano says that there's something called the "Spirit of Anak" at the top of a wall that needs climbing gear to ascend.
  • By going into Aguamarina Caves near Brical de Mar and heading to the waterfall pool at the bottom, you'll meet several researchers studying the legend of something called "The Sea Queen," which may or may not be a Temtem. This could definitely be a hint of something Mythic to come.
  • In the Kickstarter Trailer released in May 2018, we see a player in a dramatic cave full of crystals and lava, whereupon a winged shadow passes over them. It's the last shot of the trailer before it cuts to the title, making it seem pretty likely that this is a big deal of some sort. The terrain suggests it's probably either on Tucma (which has a lot of subterranean crystals), or in Anak Volcano, meaning that this winged monster could be the Spirit of Anak mentioned earlier.

When Are Mythical Temtem Being Added?

In a recent post explaining their plans for the short-to-medium term future, developers Crema said that they were planning to add three Mythical Temtem in three seperate updates: one in Fall 2020, one in Winter 2020, and one in Summer of 2021. We'll be sure to update this guide when those updates are released, so come back then to find out what they are and how to catch them!

In the meantime, why not see some of our other great Temtem content? Follow this link you want to hear us talk about the game in our beloved RPG podcast, Axe of the Blood God, or go here to see Mat's piece on how Temtem are being sold for hundreds of dollars each.

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