Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Nessla

Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Nessla

We show you where to go hunting for one of the most powerful and sought after Temtem early on in the game.

Temtem features numerous creatures for players to catch, but one of the most beloved and most powerful early on is Nessla, the Water/Electric type with some of the best moves and abilities in the game. We'll show you where to find this mysterious monster and what it's capable of here.

Where to Find Nessla

Nessla can be found in two locations, though it's not common in either of them, with a 5% chance of appearing when a battle starts. It can also only be caught by those who have a surfboard and are able to cross water, as Nessla can't be found in long grass and is solely aquatic. To find it, go and surf in one of these areas:

  • Thalassian Cliffs, South of Arrisola, in the water pool on the left side of the area.
  • Sillaro River, east of the starting town Zadar.
  • Windward Fort's lower basement, in the water in front of where Sophia is held captive (this is currently unconfirmed, as it was the case in the early Stress Test but may not be the case now).

How to Catch Nessla

Nessla will likely be between levels 15 and 20 in both of these areas, so you'll want something of that strength at least to match it. Nessla's attacks will either be Water, Electric or Normal type, so we recommend bringing some Nature types that can deal with those pretty easily.

Once that's done, start throwing Temcards the moment it drops below half health, just so it can't overexert itself to death. If you've got Houchic or something else that can hypnotize, put it to sleep too, then just start throwing cards at it like Gambit in a bad mood. They're not expensive, and we'd argue that Nessla is worth the cost even if they were. It's not easy to catch, but hopefully you'll snag it either before it kills itself or you run out of cards.

Is Nessla Worth It?

We'd argue so, especially considering one of its main traits. Nessla is something of a glass cannon, with low health and defense but high attack and special attack to boot, not to mention a type-match that gives it a good range of resistances. It also learns the move Chain Lightning early on, hits both opponents and one of your team when performed.

And yet even that downside can be negated. Nessla has two potential traits it can be caught with: Hydrologist or Electric Synthesize. The first one is fine, giving a 15% buff to all Water attacks. But Electric Synthesize means that if Nessla takes Electric damage, it negates all of it and instead restores health. This means that if you position Nessla so that it'll get struck by its own Chain Lightning, you can zap both opponents and restore some of Nessla's health points all in one go. It's a devastating attack/support combo that can justify a position in any party.

By combining Chain Lightning and Electric Synthesize, Nessla can damage opponents and heal itself all in one go. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

So those are our feelings on Nessla, but if you're struggling to catch it because of stamina issues, why not check out how to use stamina and overexertion to your advantage here? Or if you want to know where to get Barnshe, another powerful Temtem, we've got that covered too.

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