Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Shuine

Temtem: Where to Find and Catch Shuine

We show you where to find Shuine, the elegant and powerful Tucma dragon.

The first time you encounter the powerful Water/Crystal Shuine, it'll be in battle against a Dojo Leader as her most powerful Temtem. We'll show you where to catch Shuine here, as well as whether it's worth having one on your squad.

Where to Find Shuine

As you might've guessed with regards to its status as Water-type, you'll need the Surfboard to find Shuine's location, though your first appearance in Tucma takes that away from you. We go over how to get it back in our guide here, but you'll want to head to Kakama Cenote, an underground area linked both to Xolot Reservoir and Mines of Mictlan (though you can only access it from the reservoir at first).

The entrance to Kakama Cenote is here, on the Tucma surface. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

When you do have the Surfboard and have acid-proofed it, you'll want to head to this location on the map, a tunnel that leads down to Kakama Cenote, a shrine-like area with a broken Shuine horn in the middle. If it's the first time you're here, you'll need to have a Temtem battle with a recurring character (we won't spoil), but afterwards you can explore both the water and long grass to try and find Shuine, which can appear in both environments.

It's important to mention that, like a lot of powerful or cool-looking Temtem, Shuine's chance of appearing is very low, and will likely require you to go through a lot of random battles before one shows up. Still, your choice of water or land means you can choose to grind against whatever kind of Temtem you want.

How to Catch Shuine

Shuine will likely be around level 40, and it has weaknesses to Nature and Melee, though its low health means you might now want to risk hitting it with those. Its attacks are likely to be a straightforward mix of Water and Crystal, without many that'll throw you for a loop or apply any status effects, just doing regular damage (albeit in high amounts). And while Shuine has a lot of stamina, that's to compensate for high-cost moves that can burn through its reserves fast, make sure you start throwing Temcards around the halfway mark so it can't overexert itself to death before you catch it.

Shuine's high speed and damage make it a good glass cannon. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Crema/Humble Bundle

Is Shuine Worth it?

Yes, if you have the room and need in this late stage of the game. As mentioned, Shuine has superb stamina and its attack, speed and special attack are nearly as good. Its low defence and health make it something of a glass cannon, so your best tactic with Shuine is to deploy it and unleash a full barrage of high-cost attacks, trying to make the most of its brief time on the battlefield.

Shuine also has an excellent ability called "Guardian," which acts to protect whatever other Temtem you have out on the field. Guardian defends Shuine's ally from the cold, burned, poisoned and doomed conditions, an excellent advantage against foes who prioritize such techniques. Shuine won't be in play long with its low stats, but it can turn the tide of battle while it's there. Also, it looks really cool, which should be reason enough on its own.

If that was helpful to you, why not check out some other of our Temtem guides? If you want to know how to beat Yareni, the Quetzal Dojo Leader, check out our page here. Or if you want to know how to go through your old quests and find new ones, just follow this link instead.

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