Temtem: Where to Get the Climbing Gear

Temtem: Where to Get the Climbing Gear

You'll find strange rock walls all over Temtem that can't be climbed without equipment. We'll show you where to get it.

Early on in Temtem you'll come across one of the rocky walls that can't be scaled without the right item. We'll explain here where to get the climbing gear and what you can expect from climbing those rock walls in different areas.

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Where to Get the Climbing Gear

So far the climbing gear hasn't been added to Temtem, so you won't be able to get it just yet. However, a statement from the developers has stated that it'll be added to the game in an update scheduled for Summer of 2020. Considering that one of the new islands is known partly for its highlands, there's a good possibility that the climbing gear will be needed to traverse this new terrain. Either way, we'll be sure to update this guide when we have any new information, so stay tuned!

Temtem's content roadmap indicates we can expect the climbing gear somewhen in the Summer. | Crema/Humble Bundle

Where to Use the Climbing Gear

So far it seems like the climbing gear will be used to scale the rocky walls that appear all over the game map, similar to the Crystal Skates allowing you to reach certain areas. We've seen them present in lots of different areas with different promises of what to expect at the top. In the Thalassian Cliffs they seem to function mainly as shortcuts, whereas one "Daredevil" character in the Western section of Anak Volcano swears there's a Mythical Temtem at the top of a nearby wall!

There's a lot more to USG than just our many guides. Take a read of Mike's Op-Ed piece on the important differences between Pokemon and Temtem here, or check out our Podcast, Axe of the Blood God, where the team gets together to talk Temtem too!

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