Temtem: How to Get the Gravitonic Piolets Climbing Gear

Temtem: How to Get the Gravitonic Piolets Climbing Gear

To cross the rock surfaces of Temtem, you'll need the Gravitonic Piolets, often referred to simply as climbing gear. We'll show you where to find them below.

Early on in Temtem you'll come across one of the rocky walls that can't be scaled without the right item. We'll explain here where to get the climbing gear and how to use it to access new areas.

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Where to Get the Gravitonic Piolets Climbing Gear in Temtem

To get the climbing gear in Temtem you'll need to reach Kisiwa, the fourth of the six islands,which you can reach by following this guide here. Once there, you'll also need to progress with the main plot, by finding your way to Vumbi and defeating the Dojo Leader Musa. Once done, you'll be tasked to explore the Jino Gap, a wild area between Vumbi and Upinzani.

The route from Vumbi to the climbing gear itself. | Joel Franey/USG, Crema/Humble Bundle

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While making it through the second area, below the Miniporium, you'll encounter an old man named Badru. Go past him once you're done talking, towards the bridge at the finish point. There'll be a brief cutscene that shows Belsoto and Resistance forces fighting, eventually destroying the bridge itself. At the end of the cutscene, Badru will approach you again and give you the Gravitonic Piolets, some kind of electronic climbing gear that allows you to adhere to flat surfaces.

The Gravitonic Piolets allow you to scale sheer surfaces easily. | Joel Franey/USG, Crema/Humble Bundle

How to Use the Climbing Gear

To use the climbing gear you'll need to find any flat wall, usually marked with a ridged, dark brown pattern that almost looks like wood planks. These surfaces are actually marked on your map by orange lines, so anywhere you see those should be climbable. Once you reach one, simply walk into it to start climbing, and use the WASD to move about as you would on the ground. You can then use them to reach higher points or cross surfaces anywhere the wall will allow.

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