Temtem: Which Starter Should You Choose?

Temtem: Which Starter Should You Choose?

We'll show you which of the starter Temtem to pick when you start the game.

One of the first things you'll do on starting in Temtem is decide which critter you want accompanying you into the wild, picking from one of three starter Temtem offered to you by Professor Konstantinos. We'll show you which starter to choose, as well as what each one has to offer.

Temtem offers three starters to pick from, each with their own pros and cons. | Crema/Humble Bundle

Which Temtem Starter to Choose

Similar to another magical-monster training/battling game we probably don't need to mention, Temtem offers three starters to pick from, each one of which is strong against one of the other two and weak to the other. Those Temtem are as follows:

  • Crystle: A small, green turtle dinosaur Temtem that's (unsurprisingly) a Crystal-type.
  • Houchic: A purple alien… baby… octopus… thing that wields psychic power as a Mental-type.
  • Smazee: A brawling Melee-type monkey Temtem with a winning smile.

We've listed all three in more detail below, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, along with a bit of information on how to play each one.

Crystle Pros and Cons


  • High defence, attack and HP stats.
  • Crystal-type Temtem are rare in the early game.
  • Its "Rested" trait gives it an impressive 25% attack and special attack boost for the first two turns of battle.
  • Most of its best moves are high-priority.
  • Generally well-rounded, good introductory Temtem.
  • Can resist damage from Electric, Mental and Toxic attacks.
  • Can also get the powerful Synergy technique "Crystal Dust" early in the game when paired with a Wind-type ally (these are pretty common at the start).
  • Crystal-type moves are good against Electric and Mental Temtem.


  • Very low speed stat and fairly poor stamina.
  • Weak to Fire, Earth and Melee attacks.
  • Crystal-type moves don't do much against Fire and Earth Temtem.
Crystle's high stats and rare typing make it a good opening choice. | Crema/Humble Bundle

How Good is Crystle?

Crystle is perhaps the best starter for those who aren't familiar with the game, and could arguably be the best of the three overall, with fairly balanced stats and easily-understood techniques that do decent amounts of damage. You can't really overthink Crystle - with high defence stats, just sit back and tank most shots while giving you allies a chance to shine in the process. It evolves into the more powerful Sherald at level 30, with a third evolution suggested to emerge in the future.

Houchic Pros and Cons


  • High speed and special attack stats.
  • Mental Temtem tend to be quite rare.
  • Has the most damaging starting move (Psy Wave)
  • Is capable of putting targets to sleep and not waking them up with its attacks owing to the Hypnosis technique and Soft Touch traits.
  • Can also get the powerful Synergy technique "Energy Manipulation" early in the game when paired with a Nature-type ally (these are pretty common at the start).
  • Can resist damage from Neutral and Melee attacks.
  • Mental-type moves are good against Neutral and Melee Temtem.


  • Low health, attack and defence stats, kind of a glass cannon.
  • Single usable strategy at the start.
  • Weak to Electric, Digital and Crystal attacks.
  • Mental-type moves don't do much damage against Crystal Temtem.
Houchic's strengths lie in incapacitating opponents and hitting them while they're down. | Crema/Humble Bundle

How Good is Houchic?

Appropriately enough, Houchic is the thinking person's Temtem, a psychic monster designed to make up for its weaknesses - mainly low defence - by inflicting crippling status effects on its enemies and hitting them hard while they try to recover. Though there's limited ways to do this at the start, your options begin to increase as you level up and gain new abilities. Those who choose Houchic should make sure its allies compliment its strategies effectively, so as to make the most of a focused skill set. It evolves into the more powerful Tental at level 29, and a third evolution is still to be revealed.

Smazee Pros and Cons


  • High speed and attack stats.
  • Many high-priority techniques for quick attacks.
  • Has an early Synergy move that can be done with other Melee Temtem.
  • Can resist damage from Melee attacks.
  • Melee-type moves are good against Earth and Crystal Temtem.


  • Low special defence and special attack stats.
  • Melee types are pretty common in the early game, unlike the other two types available.
  • Weak to Mental and Digital attacks.
  • Melee-type moves don't do much damage against Mental or Melee Temtem.
Smazee might be adorable, but it doesn't have quite the same combat power as the other two. | Crema/Humble Bundle

How Good is Smazee?

As much as it pains us to say it about that adorable face, Smazee is probably the least impressive of the three. Its stats and moveset make it fairly similar to Houchic in terms of strategy - a glass cannon that hits as hard as possible as fast as possible - but Houchic can still knock out opponents with sleep moves, while Smazee doesn't really have an equivalent power to even the odds. To add insult to injury, the early islands have numerous Melee Temtem for you to add to your team, some of which are just more powerful than Smazee. If you do pick this starter, we recommend you play up the strengths: fast movement and hard hitting, trying to bring down the biggest threats in combat while having a second Temtem try and reduce all the threats to Smazee, acting either as a healer or tank to keep this grinning chimp alive. Smazee does evolve into Baboong at Level 29, and once again there's a third evolution to be revealed in the future - hopefully they'll be better.

Which Starter Temtem is Best?

You've probably worked this out, but we'd say that Crystle is the best, for being a rare type with a good mix of stats, attacks and abilities. Houchic is a close second for having some versatility and battlefield control options, and Smazee is unfortunately bringing up the rear, offering high attack power and very little else.

If this helped you get to grips with some Temtem tactics, you can find our easy-to-use type chart here, or you take a look at our first impressions with the game to see what we thought of the new Airborne Archipelago.

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