Temtem's Ranked Mode Is Here, Making it an Even More Enticing Pokemon Alternative

Temtem's Ranked Mode Is Here, Making it an Even More Enticing Pokemon Alternative

On top of ranked matchmaking, Crema has added a spectator mode for battles.

Pokemon Sword and Shield have the most robust and varied options for competitive play of any mainline title in the series yet, but committed battlers have often looked to other venues to scratch the itch. Temtem, the Pokemon-like monster collecting and battling MMORPG, could soon emerge as a viable alternative to high-stakes Pokemon battling with a new update that adds both ranked play options and an online spectator mode.

Ranked play was promised back with Temtem's Kickstarter campaign, and now it's here just a few months after its Early Access PC launch. Temtem's ranked matchmaking utilices auto-scaling for teams: all Temtem brought into a match will be brought up to the level cap, and all of their innate "Single Value" stats are also raised to the max. In other words, you don't need to hunt down, breed, or search eBay for maxed-out Temtem to build a viable competitive team.

Soon, winning ranked matches will also award pansun, Temtem's in-game currency. At the moment, the match winnings are disabled while Crema tests the new launch. In-game tournaments are also planned for a Fall 2020 update.

Pokemon Sword and Shield currently have ranked play and regular tournaments, but one Temtem feature competitive battle fans are sure to appreciate is a dedicated spectator mode. That's a tool Pokemon currently lacks, and while it's not too difficult these days to stream out to a service like Twitch, spectator mode opens the door to more detailed presentations. Crema says it plans to add more options for casters and live statistics in the future.

The roadmap for future updates for Temtem includes plans to add more Temtem monsters, naturally. Right now, Crema is looking to release around 80 new Temtem over the course of the year, bringing the count up to 161.

If you're interested in Temtem's other features and the areas it differs most from Pokemon in, read Reviews Editor Mike Williams' impressions from the first days of Early Access. Also, be sure to check out USG's thorough Temtem walkthrough, a perfect place for beginning Tamers to start their journey. Temtem is expected to launch for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One next year.

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