Tequila Works' New Game Gylt Might Come To Other Platforms Too

Tequila Works' New Game Gylt Might Come To Other Platforms Too

Stadia might not be the only outlet for Gylt-y pleasures.

When Google held its first Stadia Connect, it announced a number of games coming to the platform, including Tequila Works' next project, Gylt. The studio behind Rime looked to be making another moody adventure, but the trailer title and description said it was a Stadia exclusive; however, comments from the studio's co-founder today might contradict, or at least dissuade that notion.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Tequila Works' Raúl Rubio Munárriz says they "haven't confirmed that it's an exclusive yet. That's a question [they] cannot answer."

When followed up with questions of whether it's a timed exclusive, or if it would come to other platforms, Munárriz says he cannot answer either yet, and directed questions about the trailer's messaging to Google. There was one response that opened the door a little, though.

"Of course, we will try to make Gylt accessible for everyone," Raúl Rubio Munárriz told Eurogamer. "I guess it's not a design question, it's more of a business question. Today is not the time to answer that question but rest assured, everyone will be able to play the game."

The makers of Rime are working on a game that seems to be even darker in tone than previous games, exploring the emotional impact of actions through a girl lost and alone in a monster-infested town. It's going to be a narrative adventure, and longer than Rime. It certainly came along quicker than Rime did. We'll see whether non-Google platforms get a chance to see what Tequila Works has been up to once we hear more about the extent of its deal for Stadia.

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