Terraria Finally Coming to Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Terraria Finally Coming to Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

After eons of waiting, it's almost here.

Terraria has been out for PC and other consoles for a few years at this point, but fans have been desperately waiting for a Nintendo Switch version. The port was announced back in 2017, with publisher 505 Games updating players on its development last June. And then we just had to wait, because development is hard.

Yesterday, 505 Games, original Terraria developer Re-Logic, and port developer Pipeworks Studio surprised folks by announcing the release date as June 27, 2019. Yes, that's tomorrow.

"To celebrate the Switch launch, we are going to be hosting daily events for prizes on Discord. You can also find us on all major social media hubs and even hanging around on Twitch dropping in on streams to spotlight content creators," wrote Re-Logic community manager Amanda "Safeman" Powell on the official announcement post.

There's no mention which version of the game will be coming to the platform. Terraria is currently on patch 1.3.1 on other platforms. The mobile version of the game is in Alpha, offering patch 1.3 at the moment, bso it's likely that the Switch version will launch with that as well. Re-Logic recently announced the new Journey's End update during all the E3 hubbub. The update will add more biomes, more items, more enemies, and golf. Yeah, just golf.

Here's hoping the port stands up to the original game, given that another recent release on the Switch is having optimization issues. Terraria is a Minecraft-style game with a bit more focus on exploration and adventuring rather than just building. If you're interested in trying it out, you can pick up for half off in the current Steam sale.

It's probably good for Re-Logic to stake its claim on the eShop, before the Square Enix-backed Dragon Quest Builders 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 12, 2019. Now we're just waiting for Starbound to come to Switch...

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