Terry Bogard and Kirby Bogard Arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Today

Terry Bogard and Kirby Bogard Arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Today

Sakurai really, really likes Fatal Fury.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai hosted a very lengthy stream today going over the game's newest fighter, Terry Bogard. The SNK fighter joins Ultimate today, as part of the Fighter Pass, and alongside Terry himself, there's a lot of Fatal Fury nostalgia packed into today's update.

Sakurai spent a while during today's live stream educating viewers on the history of both the Neo Geo and the Fatal Fury series, which often gets tied into the history of Street Fighter 2. At one point, he pulls a Neo Geo X out, the handheld-docking precursor to the Nintendo Switch, and he makes a joke about the similarities.

Terry's actual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate kit is what you'd expect if you've played a Fatal Fury or King of Fighters game. He's got all of his normals mapped out to his A attacks, with a brand new up-air attack that looks like Guile's Flash Kick. He's packing most of his special moves too, including Burning Knuckle, Crack Shoot, Power Wave, and Rising Tackle.

He's fairly similar to Ryu for obvious reasons, but Terry Bogard gets a special mechanic. Alongside his Triple Geyser as Final Smash, Terry gets a "Go" symbol next to his stamina, which lets him do one of his Super Moves like Buster Wolf after inputting a special command. There are even original, Fatal Fury-style inputs and simplified inputs, for those who can't manage the specific joystick motions. Also, Kirby gets his own version of Terry's Power Wave, which is predictably adorable.

The new King of Fighters arena also has a ton of SNK references, including a bevy of cameos from Fatal Fury and SNK-at-large. Blue Mary, Iori Yagami, and Athena are just a few of the faces that can appear in the background while you're fighting. The arena also has walls, meaning you can juggle and bounce opponents off the sides, only breaking them through for a ring-out once you hit them hard enough.

Mii Fighters are also getting a round of new SNK-inspired costumes. The Swordfighter gets a Nakoruru outfit, and the Brawler can dress up as Ryo Sakazaki, Iori Yagami, Akira, or Jacky. There are also some Amiibo on the way for Chrom, Simon, and Incineroar, and a Version 6.0 update with some quality-of-life updates and character balance changes. You can see the whole, feature-length presentation below.

The presentation was a giant fighting game history lesson, which was an absolute blast to watch. You can tell how much Sakurai enjoys the King of Fighters series, and diving into the deeper lore and history of SNK. He capped things off with a full, extended version of the pixel art video from Terry's reveal, showing various SNK fighters trying to grab the Smash invite before Terry gets it.

Terry Bogard joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today, as part of the Fighter Pass. You can pick him up as part of that bundle, or as a standalone DLC fighter. Be sure to check out our guides section for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to keep up with all the special moves and fighter additions.

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