Tetris 99 Big Block DLC Will Feature New Offline Modes for $9.99

Former Nintendo Switch Online exclusive available to play offline starting today.

Starting today, Nintendo Switch owners will finally be able to play Tetris 99 on an airplane. Nintendo has announced a new Big Block DLC package for Tetris 99 featuring brand new offline modes. Unlike the original though, it won't be free to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Instead, $9.99 will net you CPU Battle, a new mode that lets you play Tetris 99 against 98 CPU players. The DLC will also include Marathon, which revolves around "clearing the most lines and scoring big." Unlike the core game, both will be playable without an internet connection. The initial $9.99 is a one-time payment that will also include future modes that have yet to be announced.

This DLC effectively decouples Tetris 99 from the Nintendo Switch Online service it was originally intended to promote. Anyone can purchase the Big Block DLC and enjoy what amounts to a classic Tetris experience. However, the main online experience will still require a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Tetris 99 is a popular battle royale game first released as a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive earlier this year. We praised it as the crucible that would make everyone a better Tetris player; and indeed, it is one of the toughest Tetris games around. It also happens to be a rather inventive take on what is quickly become a well-worn genre.

The Tetris 99 paid DLC should be available by the time you read this. Additionally, Nintendo is planning yet another Maximum Cup event, with free awards given for playing matches during the event period. It will run from May 17 at 12am PT to May 19 at 11:59pm PT, with the prize for 100 points being a special Game Boy theme. Go here for some Tetris 99 tips that will be useful no matter how you play, whether online or offline.

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