You Can Win Prizes by Playing Tetris 99 This Weekend

Kid Icarus and StarTropics are also this month's NES Classics.

Nintendo has just announced two new games joining the Nintendo Switch's NES Library this March. What's more, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers who also downloaded Tetris 99 have a special opportunity to partake in an online-only event where the best players can win Nintendo Gold Points.

First, as part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, Switch owners get access to a couple new NES classic games every month. This month it's Kid Icarus, the game which introduced Pit and Palutena in their fight against Medusa.

There's also StarTropics, an action adventure game starring Mike Jones, a teenage pitcher from Seattle who must rescue his archaeologist uncle using his pitching prowess. Both games will be available on March 13.

Nintendo is also introducing the Tetris 99 Maximus Cup this month. Starting on March 8, and running through March 10, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play Tetris 99 and try and rack up first place finishes (or Tetris Maximus as it's being called during the event). You'll have to try and win as many times as possible because by the end of the vent the top 999 players will receive 999 My Nintendo Gold Points.

Nintendo Gold Point can be redeemed for discounts on Nintendo eShop games, and 999 Gold Points are worth about $10 USD. Tetris 99 is a free-to-play Tetris battle royale game, but it's only available to players who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online. It is a fiery crucible in which true Tetris champions are made.

We have a Tetris 99 tips guide that will help you get a leg-up if you're just starting out. But Tetris 99 is a bloody battlefield and we wish you luck on your road to Tetris Maximus.

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