Thanks for a Great 2015

Thanks for a Great 2015

The USgamer team will be taking a holiday break, but we'll be back in two weeks for an even better 2016!

Certain writing clichés can send copy editors into a state of apoplexy at this time of the year. So, in order to spare the literate in our audience a holiday coronary, I won't say that ’tis the season for video games websites to take a brief break.

It is, though! No one's releasing games right now. There's barely any news to be reported. And everyone's taking a vacation from office work and dorm life, so the biggest audience for gaming media doesn't have lots of free indoor time to kill browsing game news. Like the rest of the media, we at USgamer will be wrapping up our duties over the next day or so in order to put the site into low-power mode and spend some hard-earned time chilling out, visiting family, eating and drinking fattening comestibles, and—I know it sounds crazy, but bear with me here—maybe even playing some video games.

USgamer won't be entirely offline as the year winds down. We'll still be posting a community question or two, and each day you'll be seeing our favorite articles from the year re-promoted at the top of the site (such as this Satoru Iwata tribute). On top of that, we'll be running articles on our favorite games of 2015 in a broad spectrum of categories each day, and asking you—the cool and knowledgeable USgamer community—to weigh in as well.

2015 has been an incredible year for USgamer. The site has found its stride, and we have the readership to prove it; earlier in December we broke a vital traffic landmark by serving up 10 million page views in a single month. We hope to grow even more in 2016 by offering more frequent front-page posts and more in-depth features. I'm proud of the USgamer team, and I'm grateful to you, the community, for all your support and enthusiasm.

I'd like to thank the team for all their hard work:

Bill Lavoy is the "new guy," having come on full-time toward the middle of the year to take lead on strategy guide content. His eye for details and excellent sense for knowing which parts of games players will find particularly vexing have been essential in defining our guides section as something deeper and more valuable than simple walkthroughs.

Bob Mackey approaches games with an unusual blend of cynicism and sensitivity, and his enthusiasm for classic games, indie titles, Japanese imports, and text-heavy adventures places him in the role of advocate for scrappy underdogs. In the new year, he'll be focusing heavily on the in-depth think pieces and culture-focused features that are so important to USgamer's identity.

Jaz Rignall continues to bring his considerable experience in the gaming press to bear on the site. He works behind the scenes a lot, so you don't see his name on the front page daily, but when he does publish an article you can be certain it'll be thoughtful yet personable. Jaz has a knack for reviews, so you'll be seeing his name in that section more frequently in 2016.

Kat Bailey realized a long time ago that sports games and RPGs are basically the same thing, and she approaches them both with equal insight. Naturally, you can expect to read (and hear) more of her musings on the subjects in the new year.

Larryn Bell is the silent one on the team, mysteriously lurking in the back to help out with guides on a part-time basis. But we appreciate this engimatic strategy ninja all the same.

Mike Williams has proven adept not only at picking out the most interesting news tidbits to come along each day, but—more importantly—to contextualize and critique them. Anyone can relay news, but Mike is great at pulling out the meaning in current events. He's been redoubling his efforts in that area over the past few weeks, so consider yourself prepped for the coming year.

And finally, Nadia Oxford, our part-time gal friday. Nadia's been helping out all over the site of late, but we plan to put her nose for news to use as Mike's support staff. Nadia's especially tuned in to mobile and portable games, areas we've been a bit light on lately, so that's something to look forward to!

And finally, I'd like to thank you for reading and commenting. Even though USgamer doesn't offer the same array of community hooks as most other sites, your responses to our work make USgamer's comments section the most thoughtful and pleasant to read of any major game site. Pat yourself on the back, why don't ya? And go play some video games.

We'll be back in the new year, and our plan is to introduce more extensive community features throughout 2016, so we hope to see much more of you after the holiday.

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