Thatgamecompany's Next Game is Sky, Coming First on Apple TVs and iPhone

thatgamecompany finally showed of their newest game at Apple's iPhone presentation.

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Thatgamecompany, the studio behind indie darlings such as Flower and Journey, finally showed off their newest game at today's Apple iPhone keynote event. The game is called Sky and it's coming first for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

Jenova Chen, studio head of thatgamecompany, took the stage at today's Apple conference to show off Sky for the first time. At first glance, it looks very much like Journey, complete with flight mechanics and bell chime noises. Described as a "social adventure" game, Sky will let players fly with one another and collect unique little beacons around the world called "light". Like Journey, Sky will let players play with up to eight players online.

Sky will be available for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, with the latter supporting 4K resolution and Siri controller support. In a tweet posted after Chen's appearance, thatgamecompany explained that Sky will launch first on Apple platforms, but didn't name any other platforms.

It's been five years since thatgamecompany put out Journey on the PlayStation 3. It has since received a PS4 re-release, but thatgamecompany then raised more than $7 million to work on a new project.

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  • Avatar for ReptilianSamurai #1 ReptilianSamurai 8 months ago
    I absolutely loved Journey, and look forward to this game coming to literally any other platform (but hopefully one with an actual controller).
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #2 donkeyintheforest 8 months ago
    With the release of iphone 8 and iphone x, ill be waiting about a decade or so for megama-sorry-iphone 9, which will be the best of the classic style iphones.
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #3 VotesForCows 8 months ago
    I admire what they do, and I really wanted to like both Flower and Journey, but in the end I realised that I found them both amazingly dull. Despite that, I'm really glad they're still putting out these beautiful, non-violent games that sell really well. Good to have options!
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #4 Roto13 8 months ago
    @VotesForCows I thought Flower was nice but I found Journey not only boring, but stupid. It was like a high school art project if high school students were capable of making polished 3D video games.
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #5 VotesForCows 8 months ago
    @Roto13 Yeah...whatever it is that people see in Journey, I never spotted it. To be honest I thought it was pretty awful. But there you go, nothing works for everyone!
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